Sunday, April 1, 2012

Visit to Spain, Spring 2012: Day One - Madrid

Statue of a Bear and a Madrone Tree (madroño), the Heraldic Symbol of Madrid
Had a smooth journey from San Francisco to JFK - New York (5.5 hours) and then on to Madrid (another 7.5 hours).  We flew Delta and paid an extra $80 each Economy Comfort for the NYC->Madrid leg, which provided a bit more leg and reclining room. We felt that it was well worth it to have the extra space.

Once we arrived at the Madrid airport, we grabbed our bags and the extra carrier for Benji's return to the USA and headed for the "Left Luggage" building, where we left the carrier for 2.50E/day for the next couple of days. Returned to the Delta ticket office to inquire about two fellow Scoobettes' reservations who plan to bring back Galgos to the USA. There are some complications, which I've explained to Eva (Scooby) so that they can decide how best to handle. I wish them the best in bringing back their dogs. Once again, Delta staff was totally awesome to us. Spent a lot of time with me sorting things out. From there we navigated the Metro to Gran Via

Madrid Metro - Easy and Inexpensive
Beware of pick-pockets on the Metro:  It was a quiet day for the subway (Sunday), but one still has to be wary of those who would take advantage of the un-attentive. Noticed two middle-aged women following us closely throughout our journey from train to train. On two of the escalator rides, they moved closer and closer to my backpack, which was guarded on one shoulder. One of them reached right up and managed to unzip the first zipper (nothing in there).  I was onto them, so I stopped, turned around and just looked at them. They backed off, acted like they decided to go a different way and then slithered off to look for another victim.  Be extra careful and keep your valuables that you need to carry right in front and close on your bodies when traveling.  Keep your other stuff in the hotel or room safe. 

ME Hotel in Madrid, Comtemporary, Comfy - Great Location & Services

It warmed up to be a beautiful 70+ sunny day.  We found our way to our hotel, the ME Madrid. It's in a lovely area called the Plaza de Santa Ana, and right in the heart of the City, walking distance to all of the greatness of Madrid.  The receptionist at the hotel was wonderful. She mapped everything out for us to see and do in the area, showed us to our room and explained all of the room features.  It's a very contemporary hotel, comfortable and quiet room. The shower is to die for. We freshened up and then did a walk-about. 

There was a Big Photo Shoot going on Near our Hotel
from what we could tell, it had to do with Fashion - Maybe for a Magazine?
Streets of Madrid - Nooks and Crannies Everywhere to Ezplore
Beautiful Architecture
 Casa de Correos,  Puerta del Sol
Ate some great Tapas and then took a nap from our jet lag. Got up to watch a bit of TV and do this blog entry. Up bright and early tomorrow to explore all of the beauty. Expecting some Spring rain. We look forward to tomorrow's adventures and sight-seeing in Madrid.

Hasta Luego! Thank you for reading my blog! More to follow. Bless sends her blessings.
Our gorgeous Galga, Bless!
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