Monday, April 16, 2012

Visit to Spain, Spring 2012: Day Seven - Scooby Medina del Campo

Surprise! It snowed today. Who knew?
Darrell in Front of the Hotel on a Snowy Morning
Yep! It snowed this morning. April Fools! :-)

April Fools!  :-) When we awoke this morning, we were surprised to see great big snowflakes falling all around us.  It was chilly, but we had not expected this. They actually canceled the Good Friday and Easter Parades because of the snow and rain. Imagine that, in this small Catholic Spanish town where Easter is a BIG deal. 

We dressed for a cold day and went to the hotel cafe to meet our UK mates for breakfast. Once again, we had a couple of wonderful cafe con pana's and split a bacon and egg sandwich on crusty bread.  We then headed for Scooby for our third full day of work, eagerly anticipating being with our galgos and other dogs.
This is one of the Alphas in Paddock 4. He was beautiful with his perfect markings and brown eyes. He guarded the perimeter of his paddock with his side-kick brindle day in and out. Barked up a storm. It's amazing to see the pecking order of dogs!

These are the beautiful galgos that you'll dream about, once you visit Scooby and catch Scooby Fever!
This the the shelter inside one of the paddocks. All of the Scooby Dogs have an indoor place where they can cuddle up, and they have open space in the paddocks where they can run, play and bask in the sunshine.
Such beautiful Galgos! There is something really special about the markings on the Galgos. Painted special by God, I think. :-)
I know he cries when he sees how badly his loves are treated by so many on this Earth, and then smiles about their lives with Scooby and beyond.
I sat down in their wooden 'bleacher' area, and at least a dozen came to smell me and give kisses.
So gentle, so loving. Bless them all.
More Lovelies. Aren't they gorgeous?
I love this little blonde/white long-haired Galgo girl. Sweet Pea followed me everywhere.
 It was so cold, I got several nice coats and put one on her and a few others. I think she's going to France and I hope to hear good news about her.
Today, I cleaned a couple of paddocks, and then went around to various paddocks petting dogs and taking photos.  Darrell was much more productive. He helped clean the quarantine area and then got the dog kennels ready for Benji and Rayo for their journey to the USA. 

Another surprise in the afternoon!  Our other UK mates, Heather, Jacqui and Helen came directly to Scooby on this day from their long journey from the UK. No breakfast, lunch, dinner, checking into the hotel, relaxing, or anything. Just came to Scooby straightaway! They could not wait, and I know how they feel.  At the end of the day, we all joined forces to make dog food, twelve barrels for 300 dogs that day.  It was so much fun talking and joking and sharing stories while we all made the food.  

This is the Most Wonderful Scoobette, Jacqui. She is truly the "Heart". All love and all of the animals know it and love her right back. Trevor is the background. He is our super-rock-star mason, who has built many of the Scooby buildings.
This is the lovely Helen, and wonderful Heather in the distance.  It was Helen's first visit to Scooby, but she already has the fever. Heather is a Scooby Rock Star, volunteering all the time and raising lots of funds for Scooby. Trevor is in the background of this photo too. He works so hard to build the kennels and other buildings
This was the last evening that we could get together with our Scoobettes, so we went to the traditional delicious pizza parlour for a late dinner. We chatted and had some great laughs and then all walked back to the hotel together to get some rest. 

Wonderful Pizza Roma - Jacqui was kind enough to let us take a photo of her pizza.
She had a craving for chips (fries), which we all ordered and enjoyed.
I never would have thought of fries with pizza, but it's a great combo.

Readied ourselves for our last day at Scooby. So sad to leave our beloved dogs. But many of them are already prepped for transporting and adoption in Spain, Germany, France, the Netherlands and the USA, so it's all good. We shall savor our last day, and look forward to our next visit to Scooby.

Hasta Luego! Thank you for reading my blog! More to follow. Bless sends her blessings.
Our gorgeous Galga, Bless!
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