Friday, April 6, 2012

Visit to Spain, Spring 2012: Day Five - Scooby Medina del Campo

Smiling Galgo - Welcome back to Scooby, Margie and Darrell!
This is our first full day at Scooby.  We ate breakfast at the little hotel bar/restaurant on the corner, right next to the Hotel La Mota, which was a bacon and cheese on crusty bread and good strong espresso coffee.  Bought two extras for our lunch, as we knew we'd be working hard and need something substantial.  

Drove over to Scooby, grabbed our rubber work boots and working coats and headed to clean the 12 quarantine pens, where they generally keep dogs that are prepped for adoption inside and outside of Spain.  For those who would visit Scooby, a tip: there are all sorts of extra work clothes that other volunteers have left in the men's and ladies' changing rooms/bathrooms, including work boots, coats, hats, gloves, slacks, shirts, sweaters, shorts and other items. So don't worry about bringing lots of extra stuff when you visit.  

Darrell and I cleaned the twelve pens in about an hour, then spent time petting the dogs, which is the best thing about being here.
Cleaning the Quarantine Pens -
Cleaning the Pens and Paddocks is a Great Way to Get to Know the Galgos
Wow! There are so many beautiful dogs just waiting for good homes.  I'm so happy for those who are lucky enough to adopt, and even happier for the adopted Scooby galgos and other dogs who will have the loving homes that they deserve.

We toured the Scooby grounds and checked out the new kennels that are being built. They are looking great and should be ready for guests soon.  Lots of hard work from staff and volunteers to build these kennels -- truly labors of love.
Darrell Checks Out the New Kennel Area
Thanks to the Support of Many Volunteers and Donors

The New Kennels are Looking Great!
New Kennels - Almost Ready 
Did you know that Scooby has many types of rescued animals, besides dogs? Others include cats, sheep, goats, horses, donkeys, bulls, pigs, ducks, geese, chickens and raccoons. Big hearts like to save needy ones, and Scooby does it!
Scooby Cats 
Scooby Chickens 
We had our picnic lunch with the galgos and then went back in to clean one of the paddocks.  So many lovelies! I fell in love with one particular blonde and white long haired galgo.  She followed me everyplace while I was there. In this paddock, she was my galgo. :-) 

The Blonde and White is My Galgo in this Particular Paddock - Soooo Sweet

Another Photo of My Galgo Girl - Shy and Sweet 
Darrell in a Sea of Lovely Galgos in the Paddock
We cleaned up from our work and then headed out for the evening. Every day you're there, it's more difficult to leave the dogs.  Once you have "Scooby fever", you simply must return. They tug on your heartstrings forever...

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped at the Castillo de La Mota, which is one of the most well-preserved and impressive castles I've ever seen. It was built in the 1400's and is a "must see". Be sure to walk around the entire structure to see all of the craftsmanship that took oh-so-many years to complete.
Castillo de La Mota - You can see it from Scooby
Right next to the castle, up on the hill, we noticed that there was a beautiful cemetery. It's interesting to see how cultures honor those who have passed on, and we were curious. We found that their tombs are above the ground, and couples are buried side by side. All have lovely flowers.
The Cemetery Next to the Castle
Found a tapas place for a light dinner. Returned to the hotel. Took another nap (yep, still jet lagged and the hard work and fresh air also did us in). Got up and watched a bit of television and caught up on the blog (yesterday's).

Our UK friends arrive tomorrow. More adventures and photos coming soon. I may not post again for a couple of days because, quite frankly, we are having such a great time immersing ourselves in the Scooby World, we don't even track the time of day too much! So please watch for the updates that will be forthcoming in the next few days and pardon the pause.

We are having a wonderful time. Wish you were here! :-)

Hasta Luego! Thank you for reading my blog! More to follow. Bless sends her blessings.
Our gorgeous Galga, Bless!
Please support Scooby!
Know an organization that will donate dog food?  Please let me know.

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