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Guest Blog: 

The Story of Pops, a Scooby Rescue (AKA Poppet, Popsicola and PopChick)

Emma and Pops - Love at First Sight
Thank you to Emma Hudson, Pops' adoption Mum, for contributing this lovely story which will certainly make us cry and laugh. I had the pleasure of meeting little Pops while I was at Scooby last Winter. She is a delight and is now living the dream life in London.  Read this story written by dear Pops and edited by Emma. ;-)

It was a cold December in 2013 when I arrived in Scooby with a bunch of other terriers.  I was not in a very good way at all – my mouth hurt and my teeth were really long and hanging out of my mouth.  I am sure I did not look very pretty but I could not help it, no one had ever looked after me or been that nice to me before and I felt pretty scared and worried about what the next stage of my life was going to be.

However, after a week or so at Scooby I started to feel safer, and I was fed, and could run around the grass yard and snuggle up at night in the barn; so though I was in poor shape, I was finally able to find shelter, something to eat and some other friendly doggies to hang out with.  One day shortly after my arrival two ladies with ponytails and funny accents (who I later found out were called Melissa and Emma) arrived in our yard and started to pat us all and feed us treats.  I had to run off with my treat because my teeth were not nice and my mouth hurt so it took me longer to eat but I was not going to let other dogs steal them from me if I could help it.

What then became my future Mum (Emma) started to visit me and the other terriers with treats every day. I later understood why the ladies had funny voices – it was because they were British and not Spanish but I soon learnt the universal language of food, so I was a fast learner. Emma and Melissa seemed very upset about my teeth as they were not normal and made me look like a rodent (not that a rodent is a bad thing but I am a dog) and very soon I had another visitor (who I later learnt was their friend Veronica the vet) to come and look at my mouth.  I think Emma and Melissa were really concerned about the state of my teeth and I had some lumps, nasty gums (in fact no gums at all by all accounts) and I think there were a few tears going on around me at the time as my mouth was truly in a bad way but I just had learnt to live with it I guess.

Here I am with my friends and my soon to be Mum as she was then taking films of us all along with Melissa Beamish a long term volunteer at Scooby:

The videos were important for the kind people who looked after me there – these videos were to help reach out to people and they wanted to do their best to make sure we all got loving homes.   As with all the people at Scooby, the best things in life for them is to see us being given another chance for a good life in a kind and comfortable home.  I have to thank Scooby for rescuing me because if they had not my story might have ended a lot sooner.  Here are some other pics of me in the early days – you can just about see my horrible fang teeth – poor little me as I was back then with one of my friends that mum called Little Ted who I believe got a lovely home in Holland (but she is probably wrong knowing Mum. ;-) )

Emma AKA Mum disappeared for a while after December but Melissa, Veronica and other caring ladies I met along the way such as Simonetta, Sabine and Margie made sure I was ok and the next thing I knew I was in the hospital getting my teeth taken out all except three that could be saved – also some nasty lumps and boy, my mouth felt so much better afterwards. Big thank you to Veronica and Enrique the permanent vet for that relief and Mum cannot find the picture of me with Veronica after my teeth were taken out but it is around somewhere. I think Aunty Melissa might have it as she took the picture originally.
Anyway back to me – I was very brave after my operation and got sausage treats (nothing stops me from eating) and the next thing I knew was that I was in another pen (not the grassyard) and had a number of friends during that time, one of which was Rosie and the next one was a mad crazy friend called Flouta.  We used to keep each other warm at night and Flouta taught me how to wiggle my bum at the gates when people came up.

By now my hair was really resembling some eighties pop star hair cut and I also sported a fang down the side of my mouth like a sabre toothed tiger which is what I like to think I am (though it is certainly all bark and certainly no bite with me) but I do like to pretend I am a right little toughie and there was not much else to do all day but bark. (little do they know I am scared of Nancy Mum’s friend’s 12 week old kitten who tries to bite my tail).

Anyway, I digress – I was not sure why I was no longer in the grass pen but I did not complain, I just shouted louder and was probably the noisiest dog in the block. Then suddenly Emma arrived again and started taking me and Flouta for walks every day and spending time with me. I was VERY scared on my lead at first.  I was very nervous about people walking behind me and I preferred to actually reverse back myself without turning round as I had been kicked in my past (that I do try to forget but it is hard for me).  But a few of us started going out and when Flouta was with me I was much less scared – in fact I needed the comfort of being in a pack so usually that happened if Melissa and Veronica could come as well.  My now Mum took myself and Flouta out together but she said it was not very “chilled out” and Flouta just kept bashing me on the head and wacking me round the face with her tail (I did not mind, I knew she was just excited and besides I got LOADS of yummy treats).

Little did I know that my next big adventure was pending as Emma disappeared again, and a few weeks went by, and I just thought my life was going to be here forever. I did not mind, but I saw other dogs leaving and I wondered if anyone would take little old me.  I kept my hopes up but I really was not sure.

Next thing I knew I was in a carry case in the back of the car with Veronica.  I had no idea what was happening to me now and I must confess I was pretty scared, and I think Veronica was as well (but I later found out that was the prospect of London driving so I do not blame her).  We drove for a very long time and I stayed in a hotel with Veronica where I was a rubbish travelling companion and hid under the bed but I was pretty overwhelmed at this stage.  Then I think we went over water though cannot be sure as I just slept in my case in the car.  Finally, after what seemed like hours we arrived somewhere in the dark and the next thing I knew Emma came out – and I was then in a warm house and placed in the front room with a comfy bed whilst lots of things were brought in for me.

I had no idea what was happening, but I had lots of cuddles and some food and snuggled in my new bed that night in the lounge.  I also met my new Dad, Simon – it has taken me a while to trust him, as he is a man, and I have had a bad experience with men in the past – but he loves me so much and cuddles me, taking me to the coffee shops with him and for walks in the park (even though I am very embarrassing now and yell at literally everyone else there that I do not like the look of from dogs, prams, kids, bikes – it is not consistent, just depends on my mood).

So – anyway I arrived in March and I discovered that I now live in a country called the UK in a big city called London with lots of people. It was a very big adventure for me – and Mum said I was so brave.  I went to parks, I went on tubes and trains, buses, in cars (which I love). 

I made new friends everywhere I went, people wanting to find out about me and Mum and Dad have never been so popular – it is all THANKS to me, and now Mum has even got a job thanks to me as well (from a chance meeting in the small park on our road with another lady who also has a dog called Ottie who never lets me near her bones, boo).   I have three doggy friends next door called Poppy, Treacle and Ralph and I often go round there to play or go for walks with them. We are all terriers so when we get together we dash round the garden barking at squirrels and generally being naughty and noisy until we are told to be quiet and come back in again. I decide what dogs are like and I do not like Lorenzo the cheeky little French Bulldog down the road  who is rather over familiar with me and I AM A LADY – and a grumpy one at that.  He keeps trying his luck with me but I growl and he knows who is the boss – ME.

Since arriving in London I have campaigned for the welfare of my fellow animal friends by supporting the Animal Welfare Party in the run up to the European Elections in May and I was tweeted on social media by local press when I went to the polling office with Mum and Dad wearing my animal welfare party bandana. If I stood in the local elections, I swear I would get in and quite frankly do a better job than some of those humans. I was allowed into the polling station but I not allowed to vote (Mum suggested I should be able to mark my selection with my paw) but they said I was too young and not on the electoral register!!  Still my red bandana caught many people’s eyes and I still wear it sometimes to raise awareness.  Now I am loved and cared for I want to help other animals.  It has taken me a long time to get where I am now as I am an old lady (ten years old the vet thinks) though when I am out I act like a little springing puppy – I feel I have many years left.

I have another lovely friend called Phyl who looks after me when Mum and Dad are not around and we go on lovely long walks in the big London parks with lots of other dogs.  However, I caused chaos a few months ago as I decided to walk off for a while and then got a bit disorientated and could not seem to hear Phyl calling me countless times. So I ran off and Aunty Phyl was crying and almost collapsed running up the hill after me (naughty Phyl and her cigarette smoking :_)) Still, fortunately, the police saw what was happening and sent out two big patrol cars that had to block ALL the traffic on one of the busiest roads in London whilst I was safely rounded up and put back on the lead.  To be honest, I could not see what the fuss was about but Aunty Phyl was very upset and because of that I was not allowed off my lead for a little while until I learnt to come when called.

Now, I wear a little winter coat and I do not need a lead when I go for a walk with Mum as I have been taught to walk by her side and to not run off or go too far in front. However, when we have to cross roads and go to the park and heaths then I have to wear my lead as like most other people in London I have no road sense.

Since arriving, I have had two very good haircuts and countless showers as I have a lovely habit of rolling in poo.  The last incident was unpleasant as it was of the human variety – and Mum was not pleased.  I thought I smelt wonderful but Mum did not feel the same and I was most put out that I had to be showered twice so I smelt better but her idea of what smells good is very different from mine.

I am rarely alone and when I get the odd couple of hours to myself, I actually just lounge around in my bed listening to the radio that is always left on for me.  Now it is winter, the heating is on – bliss – so now I just lie on my back with my paws in the air and wait to be delivered the next treat to my bed or just lean over and drink from the water bowl.
In the evenings I might go to the pub quiz with Mum and Dad or sit in the middle of them on the sofa and watch TV. They tell each other not to share their food with me but when the other is not looking, one of them will always give me food from their plate.  I know I am not allowed some foods that are bad for me like chocolate but I have my own doggy chocs.

My mouth is much better, but I have to be on permanent medication else my gums flare up – we do not know why as my three teeth are very clean – but I am comfortable now and not in pain and I love my food – well when I say MY food I mean the range of pasta, vegetarian sausages and other delicacies that come my way. I no longer really like the dog food from the shops so I rarely have it as I tend to just stick my nose up at it now.

As it is colder now and I am used to the “radiator” that my bed is near, it makes it even tougher for me to get out of bed in the morning for my little walk to the park; but I do like it once I am up.  After my morning walk I have my breakfast and then wait for my long walk that comes around lunchtime – also on some days in the week when Mum is not around Dad takes me for a coffee in the local area where I get fussed over by loads of people and Dad feels popular (but that is only because they want to know about ME not him) . Other past times are watching Mum and Dad being busy, yawning, leaning out of bed to get water, barking at the upstairs neighbours coming in the front door but not actually leaving my bed (why go to the effort) and generally looking so sweet that I am showered with treats and nicknamed Louis the 14th by Dad.  I do not actually know who Louis the 14th was but he was no WAY as important as me.

The only rule Mum and Dad have for me is that I am not allowed on their bed as I have my own lovely one.  However, rules are made to be broken and in the early days, when I heard them coming through the door I would jump off and get back into my basket pretending I had not been on the bed despite the dent that was exactly the same shape as me. However, I hurt my paw the other week whilst out on the heath so as I had to wear a bandage for a while I knew if I got on the bed and looked even cuter than usual (as if I could look anymore cute) I would be allowed to do whatever I liked and here is proof (above me is a silly cat tail and ears costume that Mum put on me for a joke for a few seconds):

Since arriving in London, everyone thinks I am gorgeous and pretty and I have won the hearts of so many. So to the shelter animals out there – remember, do not give up hope of finding the right humans for you because if I can, then you can as well.

To other humans that might be thinking about buying from a breeder or a pet shop- please don’t. Until humans make sure they are responsible for our birth control (as we don’t know how to stop ourselves breeding) then there will always be thousands and thousands of animals like me who for whatever reason lost their owners or were dumped or lost.  It is not our fault we are there and we make excellent companions. We will show you way more love than you can show us and we do not mind – because all we want is to feel safe and warm and will repay you with unconditional love and loyalty.

To all the wonderful people at Scooby and around the world helping animals – Mummy, Daddy and I salute you every day of our lives.

Now, I am done with all this blogging so I am off to take a sleep on the sofa on the blanket and try to steal yet more treats from Mum and Dad – what a dog’s life eh?

Pops Hudson, London, former shelter dog at Scooby

Friday, September 5, 2014

My Journey Leads Me to Volunteering at the Humane Society on Vacation in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Scooby Doo! Why Not Vacation in Paradise and Volunteer Too!
U.S Virgin Islands - Absolute Heaven!

How to Volunteer on Your Vacation
For several months, Darrell and I had booked and planned for a relaxing vacation in the paradise that is St.Thomas and the U.S.and British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. As the date drew closer (late August), it struck me that I should do what my friend Melissa Beamish (UK) would do, and find the local animal shelter to volunteer for at least one of our nine days there (for Melissa, it would be months of volunteering ;-) ). I Googled the animal shelters, found the Humane Society of St. Thomas and wrote to the contact there about volunteering. They promptly responded with a welcoming email that invited us any day that we could come.  

We arrived in St. Thomas, settled in and learned that it was only a short taxi drive from our Sugar Bay Resort Hotel to the Shelter. 

The St. Thomas Humane Society Shelter
Humane Society 
Darrell Easter at the Entrance to the Shelter
Frankly, I did not know what to expect.  I was thinking that a small island like this would not have a very sophisticated facility. Wow, I could not have been more wrong!  When the cab pulled up on the dirt road to the facility, I could not believe how grand and sophisticated it was. This facility is a bit controversial; in that, it took some time, cutting political red-tape and extra money to get there -- but it's there, and it's super fantastic, and the animals are treated so well. I'm impressed with the end result!
Humane Society of St. Thomas - New Facility 2011
Reception and Waiting Area
We arrived around 10 a.m. and weren't sure where to enter, so we walked around a bit until we found the main entrance and lobby. The Office Manager was on a call, so we waited for her to be free to chat.  Once we told her who we were, we had the grand greeting. Every member of the staff was so welcoming, kind and warm to us.  We felt at home right away. 

Meet Charlie - He's the Mascot for I wanted to steal him. He is irresistible! :-) 
Super-great Staff Who Sincerely Care
They took us around to show the facility and introduce us to staff and volunteers.  It was such a delight to see so many young volunteers, at least 10 were there, around 12-16 years old, working so hard and doing such a great job with the animals.  We learned that St. Thomas schools have a policy that requires students to do a number of volunteer hours every year. I think that all of our schools should require this. Don't you? You would have thought that these kids were doing this for pay. They truly worked from their hearts and were so wonderfully caring for the animals and kind to us.
Paula Loyd - family donated to the Shelter in memory. Does Paula walk the halls to oversee her legacy? Some say, "Yes." Blessings to Paula and family. My husband and I intend to do something similar with our legacy.

This Gorgeous Lady Died Fighting for Human and Animal Rights - Her Family Donated her Legacy to Support the Animal Shelter on St. Thomas
Darrell Cleans the Air Conditioning Filters, with the Help and Support of the
Rescued Goat who thinks he is a Dog
The Staff asked us what we'd like to do. We said whatever helps you the most today.  It was our lucky day!  They needed to give most of their dogs heartworm treatments. This involved weighing them and then the Vet Tech gave the anti-heartworm dose via a shooter in their mouths. We formed a fire brigade.  Their super volunteer, who was all of 14 years old and knew each and every dog and their names and characters, got them out of their kennels and brought them to me, Darrell, and another young lady volunteer whose Father was a local police officer. From there, we walked them into the clinic, got them on the scale, and then the Tech gave them the dose for heartworm. The fun thing for us is that we got to meet almost every dog in the Shelter. Our being there helped to shorten the staff's workday, exercise the dogs, and everyone was happy! 

We visited the dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, rabbits, goat, and parakeets during our day.  It was so an absolute pleasure to be there and to be part of such a wonderful effort that is truly making a difference.
My Favorite Lady - Came into the Shelter in Terrible Shape
Ms. Gorgeous - Look How Great She Looks
Yep! Beautiful Bunnies that need homes too. 
Many Lovely Cats and Kittens
Darrell has a Tortie Cat that Looks so much Like our Former Persnickety and Lovely Cleo
Who adopts these dogs on such a small island?I asked about the animals and adoption on that very small island. They have an arrangement with the Humane Society in the greater Boston area, and most of the animals are adopted through that avenue. How wonderful is that?  But something is changing in the regulations/legislation for transport to the mainland USA, that may hamper this, so I would urge all of us to learn more so that we can help.  

Here are a few more gratuitous photos of paradise that will, hopefully, draw to you to the Caribbean. I cannot say enough about the goodness of the Virgin Islands. They are truly a peek at Heaven. :-)

  View on St. John 
Snorkeling In BVI
Wet Landing in Paradise, BVI

Want to help?
We so believe in this place and intend to help this Shelter ongoing with our financial support and hands-on when we visit.  If you would like to help, your dollars will be well spent to enable their ongoing efforts, check here for Ways to Donate.

We, Bless and Sara thank you for reading our blog. Stay tuned for the next episode!

Hasta Luego! Thank you for reading my blog. More to follow. Bless sends her blessings. Sara sends smiles!

Our gorgeous Galga, Bless!

Our gorgeous Galga, Sara!

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I Love Scooby in the Springtime! - Bringing Tinga and Liam to the USA

Margie with Liam & Tinga - Ready to Come to the USA
Scooby in the Springtime
Spring Skies in Spain
In late May, I returned to Scooby Medina del Campo, my favorite animal rescue facility. For those who haven't been there in the Spring, I highly recommend it.  Flew American Airlines and traveled from San Francisco to JFK in New York and then on to Madrid. Outside of one delay, everything went perfectly.  I was able to grab lunch at the Chamartin train station in Madrid and catch an express to Medina del Campo. I've noticed that since this was my sixth visit to Scooby, the trip seems to go by faster each time. The weather was perfect in Spain - warm, sunny days with occasional rain, and cool, comfortable nights.  Luckily, I missed the heavy rain by one week, and it only rained one night during my stay. 

New Additions to the Clinic for Dogs and Cats
Nosy Galgos Watching Over the Grounds
The Scooby grounds are looking great, and construction is going on all of the time.  While I was there, the staff were building new quarters for the dog and cat clinics. It's impressive to see how hard the staff works day and night to build and maintain the facility, as well as taking care of the animals.  The volunteers help to offload the daily chores, which frees up the staff for other important work. Every volunteer's time and effort makes a big difference.

A Full House at Scooby - Animals and Volunteers
More Galgos
Gluck, My Favorite Podenco
Margie - My Namesake - Mixed Breed
Scooby Puppies
It was a full house, both with animals and volunteers.  There were dozens of beautiful galgos, podencos and other mix breed dogs, puppies, cats and kittens.  In addition, there were a number of horses, donkeys, goats, sheep, chickens, ducks and geese.  The dorm and caravans were all occupied with volunteers from Holland, the UK, Italy, Germany, Spain and then me from the USA.  We were able to do a lot of work very quickly because there were so many of us to help clean the pens and paddocks.  That left time to make up the food, clean other parts that needed attention, and most importantly, spend time socializing the animals with hugs, kisses, treats, pets and attention.
Scooby Horses
Scooby Goats
I stayed in the same cozy caravan where I had during my last visit in November.  It's right near the chicken paddock and, yes, there are roosters who crowed anywhere from 5  to 7 a.m. Their clock was off. ;-)
My Caravan - Waking Up with the Roosters
Most of the time, I worked with a lovely volunteer from Holland, Debbie. I met her when she picked me up at the train station.  We paired up and cleaned 3-4 paddocks and kennels each day.  Debbie is a pet groomer by profession, so I had a lot of fun helping her hold onto some of the lucky dogs that she beautified right before my very eyes.  They were so happy and proud of their new "hair do's". They seemed so grateful, as this grooming prepared them well for the hot Spanish Summer.  
Debbie Grooms One of the Biggest Teddy Bear Dogs at Scooby and He Loves It!
Just Look How Happy He is with Debbie's Grooming

A Walk in the Spanish Forest
One evening, after we finished our chores, I had the pleasure of going for a walk in a local Medina forest with Sabine and her three dogs. She's able to let two of them off leash. They are in heaven as they run, sniff, and frolic.  No matter how far they explore, they always return to check in and know when it is time to go.  It was a wonderful way to end the day.
Sabine and I Walk in the Spanish Forest with Her Dogs
Sabine's Dogs Love Frolicking in the Forest
A Lovely Day for a Walk in the Forest
Pizza Dinner
On my last night at Scooby, we all went with Fermin Perez, Scooby Founder, to have dinner at a new pizza parlor in town.  The food and company were delightful.  Fermin gave us a short tour around the town, and we stopped at the galgo statue, which I had never seen. It was a very nice way to end my visit.
Fermin Perez, Scooby Founder
Debbie and Sabine at Our Pizza Dinner
Jacqui and Jackie from the UK
Lucinda and far right, Paula, UK

Galguero and Galgos Statue in Downtown Medina del Campo
One day while cleaning paddock 3, we noticed that one beautiful brindle boy was being picked on by his paddock mates, so we brought him into the kennel area to be alone with us while we cleaned. I fell in love with him.  I brought him sausages and treats, took him for walks every day. After that first day, whenever we peeked through the door of his kennel, he would be there waiting for us.  Coincidentally, Sabine, my friend and volunteer who lives at Scooby, had selected this very dog, named Cuco for me for adoption in the USA.  
Introducing Cuco
Me and Cuco
Cuco Helps Me Shop at the Scooby Store
I had forgotten that he was the one, and since I've returned, I was able to reserve Cuco for adoption in California.  I will bring him back with me in December when I next visit.  I'll be selecting another galgo to bring back with Cuco, and will be promoting both of them for adoption in the San Francisco Bay Area.  They will be adopted through our local Greyhound group, Greyhounds Friends for Life, who is now a partner with Scooby.  I'm very excited to bring the first two galgos here to bright, promising lives where they will be loved and adored as they should be.  I'll be doing a special blog posting about the two galgos bound for California homes, so stay tuned.

3 Nights in Madrid
I spent three nights in Madrid at a great hotel, Catalonia Las Cortez Hotel, in the hub of the City. Did lots of walking around, shopping, and met up with my friend Alejandro (fostered our galga Sara) for dinner and touring the area.  We had a wonderful traditional Spanish dinner at a lovely restaurant, and he took me to parts of Madrid that I had not seen, including the bull fighting arena. I am not a fan of bull fighting (nor is my friend) or animal cruelty of any kind, but it was interesting to see the arena, the statues and to see what a part of Spanish culture this is for some. For those in the USA, it felt like being outside of a baseball stadium before the start of a game.

During my time there, did some fun shopping for myself and bought a very nice soccer shirt for my husband, Darrell, had Spanish cuisine at outdoor cafes and attended a Spanish Catholic Mass on Sunday. I think Madrid is one of the coolest cities to spend time, and am looking forward to my next visit in November.
Beautiful Madrid Architecture
Lunch on the Square
Cocido - Yum!
Cool Madrid Landscape
Bull Fighting Arena - I do NOT agree with or endorse bull fighting/slaughter.
Cool Statue and Bull Fighting Arena - However, I do not endorse this awful tradition

Bringing Liam and Tinga to the USA for Adoption

Originally, I had planned to bring back two galgos for adoption in California. But knowing that Tinga and Liam, two mixed breed Scooby dogs, were waiting for transport to New York, I volunteered to bring them instead.  Tinga had been at Scooby for over 3 years, one of the longest, and Liam was her partner. They both were in the perimeter, in their own paddock, with lots of room to romp and play together.  Making the move to a kennel, and then being packed up into kennels for transport to the USA and flying for 7+ hours would be a massively disruptive experience for these two, but the pay-off of being in the USA for adoption would be well worth it.  

Ana with Tinga (right) and Liam (left)
Anna Gets Tinga and Liam Ready to Leave the Perimeter
Ana, super volunteer, had known and loved Tinga the entire time that she had been there.  She was kind enough to take me to their paddock, introduce me to Tinga and Liam, and helped to make them feel more comfortable with me.  A couple of days before the transport, Ana and Debbie helped by taking both of them on leads to the Scooby kennel area, where the dogs spent a few nights prior to the trip.  
Debbie in the Pasture with the Goats, Just Before Fetching Liam and Tinga
Debbie Leads Liam and Ana Leads Tinga to the Kennels - One Step Closer to Home
Liam and Tinga in a Kennel - Next Step - Trip to the USA
They put the carriers in the kennel area with the dogs so that they would become familiar with them.  This was a very good idea, but I did notice at the airport that they had chewed up the plastic on the doorways of each. ;-) 

On the day we departed for the USA, I arrived at the airport 5 hours early to meet up with Simonetta from Scooby, who brought Liam and Tinga to the Madrid airport.  She drove up, we unloaded the dogs in the kennels, wheeled them to the ticket desk to check them and me in, and then she moved the van and came back to help get them through the security check point. It was a last minute thing. They sent someone to take us to the security station downstairs. We had to take the dogs out and put their kennels through a scan and walk them through the scanner, a moment I had feared.  Simonetta brought sausages with her to smooth things out and it all went perfectly. We put them in their kennels, locked them down with plastic ties, and sent them on their way.  
Tinga is in the Kennel and On the Way to the USA
Liam in his Carrier on the Way to the USA
Next stop, JFK airport in New York.  I went through immigration, and by the time I got to Customs to claim my bags, the two dogs were already there waiting for me. A very nice baggage attendant helped me load up the kennels and my bags, we breezed through Customs, and met the 11th Hour Rescue Volunteers who were there to pick them up.  I had time to eat dinner and catch my flight to San Francisco.  Everything worked perfectly.
Liam and Tinga Arrive Safely in New York - Barbara (right) has Adopted Tinga!

Liam and Tinga Are Already Adopted!

Amazingly, Liam went out on trial adoption within seven days of arriving in the USA, and he is now in his forever home.  And Tinga, our longest Scooby resident, was adopted by none other than Barbara, the head of 11th Hour Rescue, who fell in love with this lovely girl.  

Sometimes, fairy tales do come true.  Scooby has so many of these happily ever after stories. It makes my heart soar!  

Next blog entries will be about my upcoming trip to Scooby in late November, when I will bring back Cuco and another galgo for adoption.  Please stay tuned for the next edition.

Hasta Luego! Thank you for reading my blog. More to follow. Bless sends her blessings. Sara sends smiles!

Our gorgeous Galga, Bless!

Our gorgeous Galga, Sara!

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