Sunday, March 10, 2013

Scooby Nights, November 2012 Visit

Scooby Grounds and Pond at Night, Castle in the Distance (far left)
What's it like at Scooby at night?  If you stay there at the dorm or in a caravan, the experience of being totally immersed in Scooby-land will leave it's impression on you for life. 

After our other chores, we helped prepare the food for that evening and the next day.  Since everyone is in close quarters in the warehouse, it's a great time to chat and get to know each other, while doing something productive that doesn't take a lot of energy.  Scooby receives both dog and cat food donations, as well as bread from a local bakery.  We prepared dog food lasagna, which consists of a layer of bread, and then cat food, repeated until the large containers were full to the top. Nilcelio, Scooby staff, then took the containers out to the paddocks and other areas, on a dolly, and filled up all of the food troughs. 

Containers of Dog Food Ready to Go
After the regular volunteer work day, I retired to the dorm to relax, catch up on email and download photos. Melissa Beamish and I would always have a plan for what time we would meet in the Scooby kitchen for dinner. It was usually around 8 p.m. We would also meet up with Nilcelio, and he usually surprised us with a delicious pasta dish.  One evening, Melissa drove me and Nilcelio into town. We had yummy pizza at one of the Scooby volunteers' favorite restaurants. Dinner was the perfect time for catching up and getting to know everyone even better. We were all very tired, but somehow had the energy to stay up until 11 p.m. or 12 a.m. talking about all of the animals, Scooby and our own lives and feelings.

It's so cozy in the Scooby dorm. I had two nice heaters, thanks to Melissa.  There are sets of bunk beds, and I chose one that was close to the heaters and bathroom. I was so lucky to have the entire place to myself.  Normally, I turned in around around 12 or 12:30 a.m., cuddled up in my lower bunk quilts and fell fast asleep. The special treat of staying in the dorm is that you get to hear the dogs do their serenade a few times during the night and early in the morning. It truly is one of my favorite sounds. One bark turns into, "The Scooby Wave".

The Scooby Wave Breaks Out Several Times Each Day and a Few Times Each Night

One particular evening, we heard more than usual barking from the dogs. We all ran out to see what was wrong.  As it turned out, some very clever dogs in one of the back paddocks had figured out how to break through a hole in their fence. When we arrived, several dogs were running loose within one of the larger area fences and having quite a great time of it.  Melissa, Nilcelio and I rounded them up and took them back to their paddock. The first time, we didn't notice the hole in the fence. Then we returned to our dinner. A few minutes later, the chorus of barking ensued, so we ran back to see that they had all escaped again.  Hmmmm..... we wondered what was going on. Nilcelio's flashlight was helpful, as we discovered the hole in the fence where the escape artists had crawled out.  We dragged a large wooden pallet over and braced it to the fence to cover the hole. That seemed to do the trick for keeping them in.  It was hilarious to see how happy they all looked when they were freely running around, and sad to see how jealous the others were because they could not do the same.

The Hole in the Fence Where the Escape Artists Snuck Through
From one of the Escapees, "Ha Ha! I was running the place last night!"

My last night at Scooby was very special. It had been a lovely, warm, sunny Fall day.  Nilcelio took Melissa and I out to visit the perimeter dogs and pasture animals (horses, cows, goats, and donkeys).  As we walked through the pasture, animals started to follow us. Before we knew it, we were surrounded by the donkeys and goats. They were so curious and friendly. It was magical and such a nice way for me to spend my last evening. 
Angel Donkey - I Loved Being Around Them

Nilcelio and Melissa are Soon Surrounded by Friendly Donkeys and Goats

Margie and Melissa with Austin and Amelia on My Last Night
I packed up my things, took my shower and set my alarm for the early hour to catch the train back to Madrid.  Melissa got up early to drive me to the train and we said our goodbyes, swearing to meet up again some time soon.  Was able to sleep on the train, then caught a cab to the airport and had plenty of time to eat breakfast and catch my plane.  Had a smooth trip home.

It has been four months now since my visit, and I have to say that I am thinking and planning every day about my return.  You see... once you have Scooby fever, you must return again... and again... and again... It calls you back.  I can hear Scooby calling me even now. 

Help Me! I Have Scooby Fever

Hasta Luego! Thank you for reading my blog! More to follow. Bless sends her blessings.

Our gorgeous Galga, Bless!

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