Thursday, October 13, 2011

Success! Auction for Scooby North America Raises $3,800

"Galgo Cara"
Beautiful photo taken by Petra Postma of her sweet Galgo from Scooby Medina del Campo

One of the most popular items sold in the Scooby NA Auction

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in the Scooby North America auction, which ran from 10/3-10/10/11. 
Hooray! We raised $3,800.00 :-)
Thank you for your support!
The funds raised from this auction will be used to support Scooby Medina del Campo in Spain. As mentioned in my previous blog postings, Scooby faces extremely challenging times. In the past few months, the situation at Scooby has become absolutely desperate. The shelter is completely full with 500 dogs, and adoptions have decreased significantly due to the global economic crisis. Scooby needs urgent support to continue to take care of the animals until finding them homes. Another eminent matter is that many galgos will appear at Scooby's doorstep once hunting season begins and ends.  We'd like to make certain that we can accommodate them as they arrive, or are left at the gates of the sanctuary.

We had hoped to raise enough money from the auction so that we could help with operating costs and for building a much-needed puppy house. We are very thankful that the auction was a great success, and that the funds will be put to good use for urgent needs. 

Behind the Scenes of the Auction
I had the pleasure of helping Diane Ward, who leads Scooby North America, with this auction. She is amazing! She organized the entire auction, rounded up all of the donated items, indexed and took photos of every item, is taking care of the invoicing and shipping. Whew!  She found a very good site, Auctions a la Carte for hosting the auction. I helped by grouping and posting the items, and monitoring and answering questions during the auction period. It was fun and interesting! Couldn't resist but to buy a few items myself. ;-) Most of all, it was rewarding to be doing something that helps Scooby and the wonderful galgos.

Thank You's
BIG shout outs to:
  • Diane Ward: Auction organizer, from beginning to end
  • Donors: Beautiful items that were very popular with the auction bidders
  • Bidders and Buyers: For participating in the auction and purchasing items
  • Auctions a la carte: For doing such a great job hosting the auction and helping with support questions
  • Scooby and the global support team: For everything that you do for the galgos and other animals
Bless and her fellow galgos and galgas thank you from the bottom of their sweet hearts!

Hasta Luego! Thank you for reading my blog.

This is Bless at Scooby in May 2011

This is Bless in Her Home in CA, August 2011

Bless sends her blessings!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Auction for Scooby Medina del Campo, 10/3-10/11/11. Please check it out!

Top 10 Reasons to Bid on Something in the Scooby Auction:

As a HUGE fan of Scooby and Galgos, what are the top 10 reasons that you should bid on something in the Scooby Auction:
  1. Galgos are possibly the most gorgeous and sweet pets that anyone could have, and we need help for the dogs at Scooby Medina del Campo. 
  2. If you have a Galgo or Greyhound, you must have the correct attire, coat, etc. to match the elegance of the breed. Not to be snooty, but they DO have so much class.;-)
  3. Galgos need your TLC, as many have been neglected, never loved or treated as pets. Yet they take to it so readily and easily.
  4. Scooby and the Staff give each and every Galgo care and loving that they could never have imagined in their hunting lives.
  5. Galgos have BIG hearts. They are ready to be your beloved pets in your home, and they adjust well. It's amazing!
  6. The Galgos adjust well to the pack. They fit well with other breeds, and even cats!
  7. Although Spanish, they adjust well to English, and I imagine other languages, as long as they are trained with love. Remember that "Treats" are the universal language of love for all dogs. :-P
  8. They are super intelligent and observant. Our Galgo, Bless, has learned everything about us, our home and has won our hearts, all within six months.
  9. Galgos are the forgotten by many, and many are unaware about them and their plight. Please learn more about them and take action.
  10. How could anyone resist the face and the sweet heart and love of a Galgo!