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Spring 2015 Visit to Scooby Medina del Campo and 112 Carlota Galgos in Malaga

Margie Hugs & Brushes a Very Silly & Happy Scooby Galgo

Back to One of My Favorite Places at My Favorite Time of Year

It's way past time to finish my story about the Spring 2015 trip to Scooby Medina del Campo and 112 Carlota Galgos; especially since I am leaving in just about 48 hours to travel back to Scooby again to do my regular Fall/Winter volunteer work.

Once I arrived in Madrid, after visiting Marie in Germany, I met Mora at the airport. Her flight had arrived just before mine. 
My Dear Friend and Travel Companion, Mora, Hugging a Lovely Scooby Galgo

We secured our rental car and headed out for Medina del Campo, just over an hour Northwest of Madrid.  It was an easy drive, and the trip seemed so short this time. Weather was perfect, in the high 70's F.  We first stopped at our favorite Medina Hotel Reina Isabel to check in and leave our bags. Everyone is always so kind to us there and the rooms are clean and comfortable. I highly recommend it.
Stayed at the Hotel Reina Isabel in Medina del Campo - Here's the Son of the Proprietor and His Adopted Scooby Dog - Great Hotel and Very Nice People - Perfect Location, Clean and Comfortable
We made our first stop at Aldi's (grocery store), which is very near the hotel and close to Scooby.  Picked up our supplies for the week and lots of sausages and treats for the dogs --then on to Scooby! (Side shopping note: Later in the week, Mora and I hit the jackpot at the Chinese store in town, where we were able to find many other needed supplies, such as pooper scoopers, poop buckets and water bowls. Such kind people running the store and great prices, should you need supplies.)

When we pulled up in the driveway, the first person that we saw taking care of the dogs and cats in front, was dear friend, Melissa Beamish.  I hadn't seen Melissa in two years, so it was a special reunion. 
Dear Friend and Super Volunteer Melissa Beamish (UK) Pets Harry Mary,
Who Now Lives in a Home in France
Not only that, but my other Scoobettes were there from the UK and Holland.  We had lunches and dinners together and caught up on many things. We even had a chance to meet with Fermin Perez, Scooby founder, to discuss how best to help the shelter
Lunch with My Scooby Peeps - Mora (USA), Scoobettes (UK) and Debbie (Holland) - Love them all :-)
My Scooby Peeps: Scooby Vets (Spain), Scoobettes (UK), Debbie (Holland), Mora and Me (USA)

Debbie (Holland) is a Groomer by Profession - She Selects the Scooby Dogs Who Need the Most Attention and Makes them Beautiful :-)

As always, there were many Galgos, mixed breed dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and other animals to love and enjoy during this visit.  Mora and I were in our glory petting, hugging, kissing, brushing and giving treats.  We spent extra special time with the five Galgos that we were to bring to the USA.  We had three that were to be picked up at JFK in NYC, and two traveled with us to California for adoption.

The weather was excellent during our entire visit.  Some of the Galgos were such clowns. It's always entertaining to be around so many animals that are so very happy to see you and to get human attention and love.  Most of them crave it, but there are also the shy, scared babies that won't even come near, and shake when you do so.
A Gaggle of Scooby Galgos - One of My Favorite Things in the World! :-)
This is One of the Goofiest Galgos I've Ever Met - He Loves to Smile and Bites Your Bum if You Don't Pay Attention to him -
He is Already in a Loving Home in Europe :-)

Damian and Friend - Two Very Frightened Galgos Who Just Wanted to Melt into the Ground - Heaven Only Knows What They've Endured :-(

Run Free My Beloved

Sadly, since our visit, two beloved Scooby icons have passed -- Austin (one of the patio dogs) and Gabriela (the biggest girl with the hugest heart). I am sad to know that I will not see them when I visit in a few days.
Austin (above) and Gabriela (below) - We Lost Both of these Scooby Icons, This Past Year :-(

Bringing Five Galgos Back to the USA

Many thanks to Pablo, Scooby staff, for bringing the five Galgos to us at the airport for transport to the USA.  Once again, we experienced drama.  American Airlines tried to reroute our flight through London, which does not allow dogs to travel in and out due to quarantine.  We had to renegotiate our tickets to travel to JFK, since three of the dogs were to be left there, and then on to San Francisco for the other two. Mora worked with the staff to get everything re-arranged, and it worked out fine. Very long and stressful morning trying to get everything worked out!

The good news is that all five Galgos made the trip well and are in their forever homes in the USA and Canada: Evangelina, Morena, Pepe, Damian and Zamarona.  Truly rewarding experience! (Note: Morena and Pepe were fostered and adopted through the partnership between Scooby and Greyhound Friends for Life, San Francisco Bay Area, CA.)

Five Scooby Galgos at the Madrid Airport, Waiting for Their Trip to Their Forever Homes in the USA and Canada

Evangelina, Sweet and Petite - Now in a Loving Home in Pennsylvania

Morena, Serene and Elegant - Now in a Loving Home in California
(Thank you, Greyhound Friends for Life)

Pepe - Funny, Energetic and Full of Love - Now in a Loving Home in San Francisco (Thank you, Greyhound Friends for Life)
Damian - So Very Shy and Afraid - Now in a Loving Home in Canada
Zamarona - A Refined Lady - One of the Most Beautiful Galgo/Podenco Mixes I've Ever Seen - Now Living in a Loving Home in Pennsylvania

Day Trip to 112 Carlota Galgos in Malaga

Mora and I took a train to Malaga to visit 112 Carlota Galgos. Char and her family have been in their new finca for several months now. It is absolutely lovely! She and Dioni have worked so hard to move everything from their former place to the new location, and the new digs are fabulous.  Everything has their loving touch and special attention to detail. There are multiple shelter buildings, hand built. Each dog has his/her designated bed, coats, blankets, toys, and the shelters even have lovely art work that was thoughtfully chosen for display. They take the neediest of needy Galgos, help them heal (mind, body, soul), and then work with carefully selected adoption groups to place them in great homes.  She and her family are such beautiful souls inside and out to do this work.

112 Carlota Galgos in Malaga - Mora (USA), Dioni and Char (Malaga) are the Angels Who Rescue the Neediest of Needy Galgos (and Podencos)
112 Carlota Galgos - Mora and Char Discuss Plans for the New Spacious Finca

112 Carlota Galgos - Mora with Sweet Francesca, a Podenco Puppy Who Melted our Hearts - She Now Lives in a Happy Home with a Veterinarian who not only Corrected the Issues with her Spine, but also Adopted Her :-)
Char and Dioni Built These Comfy Shelters for the Galgos that they Rescue - Each One has Art Work and all of the Comforts of the Forever Homes that they will Eventually go to Once Adopted

Fall 2015 Visit to Scooby in a Few Days

I'm heading back to soulville for several days.  This time, I'll be traveling alone, staying a few nights in Madrid and the rest in Medina.  I'll fly to Madrid via Amsterdam and then the reverse upon return. Planning to bring two dogs, if everything works out. Fingers crossed!
Meet Stewie - I Plan to Bring Him to His Forever Home in California at the
End of November, 2015
Meet Guelo - I Hope to Bring Him to California to be Adopted through
Greyhound Friends for Life

Thank you for reading my blog!
Stay tuned for more updates regarding my upcoming adventures in Spain!

Hasta Luego! Thank you for reading my blog. Bless sends her blessings! Sara sends smiles! Wilma sends kisses and hugs!

Our gorgeous Galga, Bless!
Our gorgeous Galga, Sara!

Our gorgeous Greyhound, Wilma!
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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Part Two: Great Days in Germany - Visiting Marie, Lucy and Abba

My Dear Friends in Germany - Marie, Abba and Lucy
Part 2 - May-June 2015 Visit to Germany and Spain

Here's Part 2 of the story from my May-June visit to Germany and Spain.  As mentioned in my previous post, it was quite an eventful journey getting to Dusseldorf to then visit Marie in Aachen, Germany.  However, once I arrived, everything was perfect.  Marie, Abba (Scooby rescue) and Lucy (newly adopted via a Spanish rescue group) met me at the lovely Dusseldorf airport, and then drove about one hour to Aachen.  We always have so much to talk about, and the trip went by very quickly. I had the chance to get a good night's rest in Chicago, due to the flight delay, so I was ready to go for the day. 

Day 1 - The Wedding
The Wedding - Such a Happy Couple
This was the day of Marie's dear friend's wedding. We had plenty of time to get ready for the epic event.  Abba and Lucy were also invited to the wedding, so we rounded up the girls and set out for the most beautiful historic cathedral in Aachen.  We sat in the back of the church, and the girls were just perfect, all the way through the ceremony.  
Lucy and Abba, Such Great Girls
The wedding was lovely, and the bride and groom so happy and content.  The man who played the organ was one of Marie's former students, which brought things full circle. It felt so great to be there to celebrate this very precious time with such great people. I was truly honored to have been able to spend this day with everyone.  When we left the church, there was a small German band playing right outside.  It was so festive and many tourists were taking pictures, smiling and enjoying the event, right along with us.  

Afterward, we went to the park in the Aachen highlands for the reception. It was held in the tall tower building that has a 360 degree rotating floor with magnificent views. The food and drink was excellent, and I loved meeting more of Marie's friends.
The Wedding Reception was in the Tower on the Left - Great Venue!

The Wedding Reception Was Held in a Tower that Rotated for a 360 degree View of the Aachen Area. Great Food and Service :-)
Abba and Lucy were such well behaved ladies. First class! We had the chance to tour the grounds and walked the trails. As fate would have it, there was also an antique auto race in the park. Such lovely autos and in such pristine condition.  Made it extra special. 
Classic Car Race in the Park - Very Cool!
After this full day, we retired early.  It was so great because Marie's roommate, Mirko, even gave up his room so that I could be super comfortable there.  He was on a biking trip, and I had just missed him by one day.  I have to say that I slept like a baby the two nights that I was there. Such a peaceful place.

Day 2 - The Eifel

The Eifel National Park in Germany is a Must-See

I will never forget this day. Marie and I had a great breakfast, talking and talking. We could talk forever... Then we headed for the Eifel, a place that the locals love to visit during the hotter days of the Summer. Lots of motorcyclists and tourists.  Parking lots were very full. It is an area that has a very large reservoir, which is a water source for Aachen and the surrounding area.  It is cooler there, and very pleasant, with picnic grounds, and two boats that will take you from one end of the reservoir to the other, stopping at various places along the way.  The weather was perfect. 
The Eifel Park - Great Place to Spend the Day
We had lunch at one of the local restaurants, and then bought our tickets for the boat tour. 
Our Boat at the Eifel - Peaceful Cruising on the Reservoir
The Eifel - Peaceful and Lovely
We decided that it would be great to get off around 3 miles out and hike back to the car. During the boat ride, we saw so many intriguing stops, even a wedding taking place at one of them.  Abba and Lucy loved it and were very relaxed all along the way.  We got off of the boat at our selected stop and headed out on the trail.  We went right, but found out later that we should have gone left...  Going right took us to a trail that went up a very, very steep hill to a goat path.  We began to realize that this was not a good move, and that we should go back. At one point, we were on a trail that involved putting one foot in front of the other to navigate.  We each had a dog. Marie said, "If the dogs see a rabbit or something to chase, just let them go." We could have been pulled or fallen off of the trail, and down the very steep hill, into the water. Cell phones did not work.  There is nothing we could have done for each other at this point, should one of us have fallen down the very steep hill and into the water.  I have to say that this was one of the scariest moments ever!  Yikes!  
Yikes! Marie and I Experienced One of My Nightmares and Got Through It!
But... the dogs were wonderful! They never pulled or stressed. I swear they knew that we were in danger, and they wanted us to be safe.  We climbed back down and back to the boat, knowing that we had dodged bullets, and being thankful for everything going well. 
Marie and Abba on the Eifel Boat - Great Times!
Had a nice meal with Marie, turned in early and she took me to the airport early in the morning.  I sure wish that I had more time to visit, but we have such a great time when I do. It's always quality.  

Marie, thank you so much for having me as your guest.  I hope to see you again in the Spring of 2016.  What wonderful friends we make via our Scooby connections! 

Hasta Luego! Thank you for reading my blog. Bless sends her blessings! Sara sends smiles! Wilma sends kisses and hugs!

Our gorgeous Galga, Bless!
Our gorgeous Galga, Sara!

Our gorgeous Greyhound, Wilma!
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Visit to Germany and Scooby Medina del Campo, Spain (8th Volunteer Trip) - Part 1: Getting There

Lovely Scooby Galgo - Won't You Please Take Me Home?
Hola, Amigos and Amigas! :-)
Many tales to tell! It has been a fun and rewarding journey returning to Scooby for my eighth visit.

In late May, I traveled to Germany to visit my dear friend Marie, whom I met via our Scooby connections, both having adopted dogs from our favorite rescue sanctuary in Spain and hence,  becoming soul sisters. After my German visit, I went to Spain to volunteer at Scooby once again. 
More about these adventures in subsequent blog postings. 

Oh My, What an Adventure!
Trip from San Francisco to Aachen, Germany with Stopover in Chicago

Left SFO for Dusseldorf to get to Aachen, Germany, on American Airlines with a "short" stopover in Chicago. Smooth sailing on a brand new jet from SFO to Chicago. Next leg was Chicago to Dusseldorf. The adventure begins...  First, they delayed boarding the new gigantic plane for about an hour. Once we boarded, I struck up a very fun conversation with my seat neighbor, a lovely young woman from the Chicago area who was thinking about changing her career and moving to a new place, possibly California. We bonded.The plane taxied. We were second to take off. Then the pilot announced that the plane behind us noticed that we were leaking fuel from one of our wings, so he turned back. Thank God!
Love the Chi-town, but did not want to get stuck overnight. Lost one day with Marie in Germany.
Boo hoo! :-(
We returned to the gate and disembarked. Waited to hear about the fate of our plane for over an hour. I hung out with my new friend from Chicago and another young man whom she had met from Holland. Here I am with two young souls, hanging out through our crisis, having a good time. They made it fun and a much more relaxing adventure.  After all, what can you do, but go with it?

American Airlines gave us lunch vouchers. We ate and waited. Finally, they determined that they would cancel the flight. There was much chaos trying to get things settled. They then gave us vouchers for dinner and hotels. We were instructed to catch shuttles to our respective hotels for the night. There had to be at least a few hundred of us from that flight, as well as others from other airlines and flights, stuck in Chicago for the night.

It took about an hour to catch the shuttle to our hotel, and there were dozens of people waiting for shuttles along with us. 
The airline put me up in a suite, about 20 minutes from O'Hare. It was very nice but a very industrial area, lots of highway traffic and near the airport, so lots of flight traffic as well. Once we got to the hotel, I learned from the folks at registration that this happens each and every day. They put up hundreds of people who get delayed and have to spend the night near the airport. All said and done, American Airlines spent at least $300 per delayed passenger. Seems so  inefficient and expensive to me. 

Slept well and it prepped me for a full next day in Germany, which paid off. Shuttle took us back to the airport in the morning. Loaded up and ready to take off. But wait... as they loaded our baggage on the plane, they discovered some kind of hole in the cargo area. They then moved us to another gate and got us aboard another plane within an hour. (Side note: I think that a lot of the American Airlines planes are in disrepair, and they need to deal with their issues -- even the brand new planes have issues, which is scary!) From Chicago, we were routed to JFK and then went on board Air Berlin. It was smooth sailing to Dusseldorf from there. Sigh...

Once we arrived in Dusseldorf, everything went well. Had to hunt for my baggage for a time, and some of the young folks from the USA who were also stuck on our journey did not receive their bags, plus they had to stay in uncomfortable digs at the Chicago airport because they were minors.  In the end,  I'm sure that they made the best of the adventure. As for my two companions that I hung out with in Chicago, they made it with their bags. Best wishes, and hope your journeys went well! You are two truly delightful souls that I had the chance to meet and spend time with in a very weird and stressful situation. You made  it pleasant. :-) Thank you!

Marie, Lucy and Abba
Marie picked me up at the Dusseldorf airport, which I love (feels intimate and friendly). She greeted me with her two lovely rescues from Spain, Abba and Lucy. More to follow regarding our adventures in Germany!


Please stay tuned for updates.

Hasta Luego! Thank you for reading my blog. Bless sends her blessings! Sara sends smiles! Wilma sends kisses and hugs!

Our gorgeous Galga, Bless!
Our gorgeous Galga, Sara!

Our gorgeous Greyhound, Wilma!
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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Part 3, Winter 2014 Volunteer Visit - Madrid, Malaga, and Bringing Four Scooby Galgos Home to California

Calisto and Cuco, Spanish Galgos Ready to Become California Dudes!
This is Part 3 of the series about my most recent trip to Spain in November/December 2014 to volunteer at Scooby in Spain.  There is so much to say, especially because my friend, Mora and I are returning again in just a few short weeks in late May. I am elated and cannot wait! :-)

Great Days in Madrid
In Part 2 of this series, I told you about our Scooby visit in November/December 2014, which was fabulous!  After we left Scooby, we returned to Madrid, turned in our rental car, and took a cab to a plush hotel at the Santa Ana Plaza. Mora and I both had luxurious loft rooms (thanks to her) and enjoyed every day to the fullest. We walked everywhere, saw the sights, the Christmas decorations, and had delicious food and great shopping along the way. I must say that Spain has the best and most well-made shoes ever, rivaling Italy. We each bought three pair, and I am still enjoying mine every day. ;-)

Madrid has some of the most Beautiful Architecture of any of the European Cities that I've Visited
Christmas Decorations on the Squares. Very festive!

A Delightful Day Volunteering in Malaga - Was it a Dream?

Meet Char del Rio, Super Star Galgo and Podenco Rescuer (left), Hugging Mora (right)
Mora and I took an easy and relaxing train ride from Madrid to Malaga, a few hours away, to volunteer at Charlotte del Rio's rescue facility, 112 Carlota Galgos. It was a magical day, meeting an unselfish and caring woman and her family who have dedicated their lives to rescuing and rehabilitating the neediest of galgos from the perreras (kill shelters).

Char knows the darkest side of galgo rescue and has seen it all. She is an angel who turns the dark into the light with the work that she does.They have a small facility that can only take around 15-20 dogs at a time, but each and every one is treated as an individual, getting the love and support that they need to be placed in forever homes. 

We helped that day by cleaning the dog pens, filling water dishes, doing laundry (coats and blankets), and socializing the dogs.  We had the opportunity to visit with Char, her wonderful family, her dogs and cat, her rescued galgos and horse. She was just getting ready to move to the new finca right down the hill, with more space for her family and animals. As of this writing, Char is almost completely moved in, which was a major endeavor! Congratulations!

The weather and surroundings were much more tropical and very different from Medina del Campo and Madrid.  Malaga is popular with British and other Euro country ex-pats to settle for their retirement years. It's very pleasant, great climate and near the Ocean.

Char, thank you so much for all that you do! If you'd like to help Char and her family with their galgo rescue efforts.  Please visit her website for further information: We plan to spend one of our days visiting and helping during our upcoming May/June trip. Can't wait to see everyone again and the new finca!
Char's Gorgeous Galgo Rescues

"Sometimes... It Don't Come Easy...", Bringing Four Galgos Home to the U.S.A.
I have brought several Scooby dogs back to the U.S.A. from Spain over the four years that I've been volunteering and had very few complications.  But this time, we ran into issues that forced us to reroute our trip. :-(

We arrived at the Madrid Airport five hours in advance to prepare for the long journey home to California via JFK in New York. Simonetta, super-star Scooby staff, brought four dogs to the airport for transit. We loaded their crates onto carts and brought them to the American Airlines ticket counter. Simonetta parked the Scooby van and came in to help us get the dogs through security and onto the flight.

I would like to take this time to acknowledge how wonderful Simonetta is. She single-handedly brings most of the dogs to the Madrid Airport so that volunteers can fly them to their forever homes in various countries. She also works on the transports that bring the dogs to locations all over Europe.  She always has a positive attitude, helps everyone, and is an astounding person for all that she does. Thank you so much, Simonetta! What would we do without you? You are beautiful inside and out. :-)
The Lovely Simonetta - Beautiful Inside and Out
As it turned out, the four galgos for transit were: Cuco - my beloved, Calisto - Mr. Shy who desperately needed to get out of the shelter, Roco - spoken for and bound for Vancouver, B.C.., and our mystery guest, Bond, bound for a foster home in NYC.  We tried to check in the dogs, but American Airlines gave us a great big hassle, telling us that the temperatures at JFK in New York were below their acceptable threshold, and we could not bring them. As you can imagine, our hearts sank...  Simonetta tried to convince them that the galgos could make the trip.  We even had letters indicating that they live in sub-zero Fahrenheit weather, and can endure low temperatures. But to no avail. She is Italian, fluent in Spanish and is usually able to break through the "red tape" at the airport, but this time, there was no convincing them. It was very frustrating, and we knew we had to think of some alternatives. Now what to do?

American suggested that there was an Iberian flight going to Miami, FL, that could work. It was to leave in about 1.5 hours.  We had to pay more for changing our tickets and the second leg of the flight to SFO for the dogs, but temps were permissible. We decided on that option and to take all four dogs, not actually knowing where Roco and Bond were destined to go at that time. Our decision: everyone is coming to California or bust! 

We did the long trip across "the pond" to Miami, and it was a good flight. At the Miami airport, the folks for hire in the baggage claim area saved the day. They took all four dogs and our bags, and then escorted us on the fast track through Customs. They helped load the dogs onto the next flight to SFO. It was worth every penny of the generous tip we gave them for their help!

Once the dogs were safely loaded onto the Miami to SFO flight, we were able to get to our gate for a brief break and even grab a snack before boarding. When you know that everything is set for the second leg of the trip and the dogs are on board and safe, it feels SO good. :-)

We arrived in San Francisco in the evening, around 8 p.m. My husband, Darrell, picked up the tired crew with our SUV. He disassembled the crates, and we all loaded in for the drive to Mora's condo.  They were all great during the drive, resting in the back, and Roco cuddled in my lap.  Once there, we tried to make them comfortable, but Mora was up all night with the dogs while I took a few hours of sleep. She has such a beautiful place and was so gracious about having the dogs there, but to be honest, they pooped and peed all over the place because they had been pent up so long without potty breaks and they were so nervous.  It was a wild night, but we got through it! ;-)

California Galgos in Happy Homes
The next day, Darrell and I drove up to King's Kastle in Windsor, CA, to the greyhound/galgo adoption sanctuary.  You will not believe it, but my worst nightmare came true! Cuco and Calisto bolted out of our SUV when we opened the hatchback, right onto the old highway!  :-( I ran after them, stopped traffic, and with the help of King's Kastle staff, was able to get both on leash and to safety. Cannot tell you how horrible it felt to think that we brought them all that way to think that they could have been hit ... Thank God!

Now on to what happened with these precious galgos, thanks to Greyhound Friends for Life:
Cuco in his Forever Home in SFO
Cuco was adopted  by a couple and is living the dream life in San Francisco. Hope to visit him soon!

Calisto (right) is a very Happy Boy in his Foster Home near Sacramento, California
Calisto is in a perfect and loving foster home near Sacramento, and has a wonderful life. His foster parents will keep him until he gets to his forever home.
Roco - Everyone Fell in Love with Him. I love this photo from his new Mum & Dad in Vancouver.
Roco is a puppy whom we all fell in love with. Thanks to GFFL Leader, Barbara Judson, for driving him to meet up with his new Canadian parents, he is living the big life in Vancouver.
Bond (left) on a walk at King's Kastle. He's bound for a foster home in Berkeley, California.
Bond, our mystery surprise guest who was supposed to go to a foster home in New York, became a Californian instead. He is SO handsome and special. But he still very afraid of people.(God only knows what he has endured.)  He's still at King's Kastle, but he will be in a foster home soon. He's going to be one special pet when he gets past his fear. 

Upcoming Trip To Scooby in May/June
That is the story for now. I will have so much more to share with you in the coming months, after my upcoming visit to Germany and Spain in May/June.  Cannot tell you how happy I am to be returning to Germany to visit Marie, and then to Spain to meet Mora, volunteer at Scooby, and bring back more precious dogs for adoption in the U.S.A. It truly is my passion! 

This trip will be extraordinarily special. I will see Marie, her Scooby adoption dog, Abba, and her new Spanish rescue, Lucy. I will meet up with Mora in Madrid. We will drive to Medina del Campo to meet up with Scoobettes and friends from the UK and Holland, Melissa, Jacque, Lucinda and Debbie, all friends whom I've met over the past four years that I've been volunteering. God willing, we will bring 2-3 dogs back to New York and two to be adopted in California. Still working out the details.

Please stay tuned for updates.

Hasta Luego! Thank you for reading my blog. Bless sends her blessings! Sara sends smiles! Wilma sends kisses and hugs!

Our gorgeous Galga, Bless!
Our gorgeous Galga, Sara!

Our gorgeous Greyhound, Wilma!
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