Sunday, September 2, 2018

Spring 2018: Best of Times with Marie in Germany and with Nancy and Nancy in Spain

Spring 2018 Trip
Galgo Puppy :-)

In April, 2018, I made a visit to my dear friend, Marie in Aachen, Germany, and then met up with my two other dear ones, Nancy Young Hanson and Nancy Waddell, fellow Scooby volunteers, in Medina del Campo, Spain. I am so overdue in telling you about this wonderful trip.

Me and Marie!

Flew into Aachen via SFO to London. Great flight with extra seat in between made it more relaxing. Fun to be in London for a brief time. I so want to spend more time there!  Crazy gate change had all of us running to our connection to Aachen. All worked out and, once again, had an entire row to myself on the connection. Arrived to meet up with my dear, Marie and beloved Scooby dog, Abba, at the airport. I'm always so delighted that Abba remembers me, every time I visit. Dogs have such an amazing memory!  Marie and I had such a wonderful visit, as always. I had a lot of time to rest and catch up on sleep, while she tutored her pupils on the piano. Brilliant work, and she loves and cares for each and every student so much. The highlight of this visit was having one of the best dinners ever with Marie's Mother in Trier.  She had a very special 4 course dinner for us, and it was so fabulous. I will never forget it! We also had a lovely tour of Trier, which is a magical German  village that everyone would love to visit. On the morning of my flight to Spain, we ran into terrible traffic on the Autobahn, which caused me to miss my flight by about 15 minutes. Marie came to the rescue and we had another unexpected day to enjoy together, which ended up being another gift.  Thanks you so much, Marie, for your hospitality and for everything. Looking forward to our next visit!

Marie's Mom, Me and Marie!
Spain and Scooby
Since I had to change plans for my connecting trip to Spain, I decided to fly in as soon as possible, which ended up being late evening, and then booked a hotel room right by the train station, so that I could leave from Madrid to Medina del Campo early morning. Worked out great. Price was right, nice hotel and walking distance to the station. Got into Medina early afternoon, checked in, freshened up and met up with Nancy and Nancy, my two fellow volunteers from the East Coast, USA. We had a nice chat and then on to Scooby to meet the dogs! We spent some time there, as they had already been the day before, and then went back to the hotel and town for dinner and then rest.  Two lovely companion travelers, and we all had so much fun! :-)
Happy Scooby Galgo :-)
We had a fulfilling visit and time working at Scooby. We met and fell in love with the dogs, cleaned pens, socialized them and helped where needed. For all of us, it is soul food to be at Scooby with the animals.
Scooby Galgos Going to Forever Homes :-)

Surprise Trip to Segovia
Much to our surprise and delight, our friend, Sabine, who lives near Medina del Campo, offered to take us on a special trip to Segovia, one of the most beautiful places that I've ever seen! She picked us up at the hotel and took us on the grand tour of the entire village. It was unbelievably gorgeous! Thank you so much, Sabine, for this wonderful, magical day! :-)

A Few Days in Madrid
We had three nights in Madrid, staying at a wonderful Hostel, downtown, that Nancy Young Hanson booked for us.  Loved the staff, place, room, peacefulness and so economical. What a find! We walked all over town and into interesting places that I've never been. Madrid is so walkable and safe. I always feel at home there. We went to the Prado Museum and enjoyed our day there, as well as visiting our familiar haunts. We saw another excellent Flamenco show, visited some very cool restaurants and bars that Nancy Young Hanson had the genius to find, and had a fabulous time. 
Our Hostel

Me and Nancy and Nancy :-)

Flamenco Show in Madrid

Bringing Timon and Aurin to California
On this trip, I brought two very handsome galgos to the USA, Timon and Aurin. I had met Timon in June, 2017, and knew that he was a very shy male, found with a little girlie puppy, Nymeria, who has a wonderful life in Vancouver. They thought he may be her daddy. To date, he is still being fostered and will be placed in the perfect home in NorCal.  Aurin is the other galgo that I brought, and he has since been adopted to a wonderful home in NorCal. We traveled from Madrid through JFK and then to SFO, and all went well. We brought both dogs to our home for one night, and then Julie, from Greyhound Friends for Life, picked them up and took them to Windsor.  Both are happy and doing well! Thank you GFFL!

24 Scooby Galgos Come to the USA!
On another note, we had the good fortune to join forces with Daphne Legacy Tour Group, headed by Christina Azharian Taylor. She and her partners rescued and brought back 24, yes 24, Scooby galgos for adoption in the USA. Their efforts were astounding and we love them so much for loving and finding loving homes for the 24, including Jayne, adopted by Christina and Dray. We love you so much! :-)
Aurin and Timon!
Hasta Luego! Thank you for reading my blog. Bless sends her blessings! Sara sends smiles!  Bones sends kisses and hugs!
Our gorgeous Galga, Bless!
Our gorgeous Galga, Sara!

Bonesey sends hugs and kisses!

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