Thursday, June 6, 2013

Surprise! We Have Another Galgo. Welcome Home Sara!

Introducing Beautiful Sara, Our New Galga from Sevilla
Completely out of the blue sky in early May, I received a call from Barbara, the leader of our local greyhound adoption group, Greyhounds Friends for Life, through which we adopted our first greyhound Daisy, and second Wilma. She said that a galga named Sara had been brought from Sevilla, Spain, via the G.R.I.N. team for adoption by a sponsor, Mora, in the San Jose area.  I learned that Sara wasn't compatible with the greyhound in her new home, so they needed to place her as a foster until they could re-home her. 

At first, I thought of all of the reasons why we could not take Sara. Wanted to be realistic and fair to Sara and our pack about this decision. Wanted to think it through carefully, as I did not want to shuffle her around from place to place, since she had already been through so much to get here.  I spoke with my husband, Darrell, and he agreed that we would take her as a foster and maybe even consider keeping her, if she was compatible with our pack.  

I had a long conversation with Mora about what she was like, her history, and the situation. We arranged a time for her to bring Sara over on a Sunday. When they arrived, it was clear that Mora loves her so much. It was touching to see all of the wonderful, thoughtful things that she had bought/brought for her: a plush bed, collars, a coat, ID tags, leashes, toys, special food, and everything in pink for the Lady Sara. 
Look at Our Lovely Sara :-)
First impressions of Sara: she's approximately six years old, very petite -- about the size of whippet, way too skinny -- you could see all of her ribs, a sadness in her eyes that could speak volumes, lots of huge scars -- one very large "Z" that looks to be carved into her forehead. :-(  She was used as a brood mom and clearly had at least one litter of puppies.  Her markings reminded me a lot of our first greyhound, Daisy, which brought back fond memories.  She was calm, inquisitive, gentle, and needed time to adjust to her new surroundings and people.  We didn't want to introduce her to our pack until she got better acquainted with us and our home, so we kept her in our office for two days and pulled the switcheroo between rooms for the other dogs and our cat Frank. 

The next step on day 3, was to put her in the kennel cage so that she was protected and the other dogs could come around her so they could check each other out.  At first, there was a little snarling, but nothing serious.  Once they all were used to each other, Darrell introduced each of them to her individually out in the back yard, while I was out.  Much to my surprise and delight, when I arrived home from yoga class that evening, everyone (including Sara) greeted me at the door.  It didn't take long for her to move further into being part of the Easter pack.  She sleeps cuddled next to us, is out of her kennel and with the others all of the time now, eats and plays with everyone. It's like she was always here. :-)  So lovely!

Our decision was made week one. We are keeping Sara! She has her forever home!

Sara has an international fan club. The caring people who helped rescue her have connected with me and shared her story.  I recently found out some very sad things about her life that make us love and appreciate her even more:
  • Thanks to Telma Shaw for introducing me to these super heroes who rescued our Sara, Beatriz Sanches-Elvira  and volunteers of Assoc. Protectora Argos. Here is the message that Beatriz sent me about Sara:
    "I received a call from a friend saying that in Carmona (a town 30 km away from Seville) there was a very weak and skinny galga lying on the street, without enough strength to get up or to run away. I told them to take her to our vet immediately, for a check up to discard any infectious disease such as parvo or distemper. It is not common in a grown up dog, but it could always happen and of course, depending on that she should go to the "hospital-house" and be isolated, or to the dog hotel.
    Fortunately she didn't show any symptoms of disease, no fever, no diarrhea, no mucus... she was "just" dehydrated and very hungry.... so, we just took her to the dog hotel with a good coat and a big bag of a more nutritious food than the normal food we have, so that she could recover quickly.
    Sara was Abused, Neglected and Left for Dead in the Streets of Sevilla
    From her first day in the dog hotel she was absolutely happy and jumping high to greet us. It seemed clear that she was healthy and just in need of food and care. She recovered amazingly well! She soon became a favorite of all, for her wonderful joyful character and  her sweetness.  Thank you so much to you, to GRIN, to Mora for taking her to the USA and of course, thanks a lot to Margie and Darrel for giving her a new home.

Thank you to the Volunteers Who Rescued Her 

  • Another message from her rescuer, Alejandro Calso Morales:
    "Sara was found in Carmona, a place nearby Sevilla, she was so weak that barely could stand up by her self.  I hosted Sara for few days while she was in transit to the US. I gave her a bath and took care of her for few days. We all agreed it was impressive how noble a lovely was after having suffer so many humiliations and being abused in such away. She just wanted to have an owner to love. Now she found her place in life (although had to make it to the other side of the world). We feel grateful for this.  I will check your blog and will be happy to hear about Sara every now and then. She was such a good dog that didn't want to lose track. Please keep posting pictures or stories so I get to know every now and then. Many thanks for adopting. Sara is an incredible dog."
Every day, Sara's light shines brighter. She is becoming the pet that she always deserved to be. She is loving, sweet and a joy to be around.  She jumps two feet straight up in the air when she greets me at the door.  We love her, and look forward to her continued healing and progress.
Sara Enjoys Sunning by the Swimming Pool in Her California Home
Sara's Light Shines Brighter Every Day
Sara and Our Greyhound, Wilma by the Pool
Galgas from Spain - Sara Rescued by G.R.I.N. and Bless Rescued by Scooby
Mora has been over to visit and is her official "Godmother". She brings love and lovely gifts, and we fully intend to keep in touch with our new friend whom we met through our mutual love for dear Sara. Stay tuned for future updates!

Who would have thought we'd have another galgo? This was completely unplanned, but what a wonderful surprise, indeed. :-)

Hasta Luego! Thank you for reading my blog. More to follow. Bless sends her blessings. Sara sends smiles!

Our gorgeous Galga, Bless!

Our gorgeous Galga, Sara!

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