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Scooby Transports Dogs to Their Forever Homes in France, 11/16/12

Beautiful Scooby Dogs are on the Transport and Ready for the
Trip to Their New Homes in France
During my November 2012 visit to Scooby, there was one very significant day, November 16, which was when the Scooby transport took 32 dogs to two different locations in France for re-homing. 

That Friday in November was a gorgeous, warm, sunny day. It felt more like Spring than Fall. It was also a bitter-sweet day, as my friend Melissa Beamish, would have to say, "Au Revoir" to her heart dog, the lovely Hacinta. She had met Hacinta in April, and returned to Scooby in November when she learned that the lovely galga was still there. It was such great timing that I had the chance to be there too, and to share their last day together. I took many lovely photos and videos, and we helped load the transport together that day. If we would have tried to arrange the timing, it wouldn't have worked out. But it was meant to be. It all came together and worked out perfectly. Hacinta was leaving on the transport, Melissa was there to see her off, and so was I -- able to share in this very touching experience.

Melissa Beamish Tells her Beloved Hacinta that this is their Last Day Together
Meliss and Hacinta are Soul Mates
We did our chores in the morning, cleaning the cat and kitten, raccoon, puppy and bird pens and feeding everyone. Grabbed a quick lunch and then went to visit the dogs who would be leaving on the transport that evening.  First, we went to the quarantine pens to spend time with Hacinta and the other dogs. Then we went to the new #7 annex pens to visit with Henry and some of the other dogs who would also be leaving.

Talked Melissa into putting a leash on Hacinta so that we could take her for a walk and run.  We took her to a fenced area behind the warehouse. It was so lovely to watch Melissa and Hacinta romp together.  They were so happy and have such a connection.  Honestly, it made me sad because I have always thought that Hacinta belonged with Melissa, and I wish that she could have adopted her, but the timing was not right. Seeing them together and the joy and love that they share was truly spiritual.  I know that love helped Hacinta adjust to her new family and home. 
Melissa and Hacinta Have a Last Romp Together Before the Transport Leaves in the Evening
Around 5 p.m., we saw the Scooby van pull up and knew that they would begin loading shortly.  Dani had all of their passports and chip numbers, and it was time to begin retrieving the dogs, checking their chips and then putting them in their cages in the van.
We Stand Ready to Retrieve the Dogs
Note the Blue Spanish Passports on the Table, Along with the List of Dogs & Chip #'s

It was time to load up. Not sure, but I think Dani was sensitive to Melissa's feelings about Hacinta because we loaded her and Juan first, which meant that they were in the front cage and Melissa would have a chance to visit with them until the doors closed on the van.
Melissa Takes Hacinta and Juan to the Transport

Melissa, Hacinta and Juan
How do You Let Go of One You Love So Much?
Melissa was very Brave During these Last Moments with Hacinta

 Melissa Kisses Her Sweet Hacinta Goodbye

It all goes very quickly.  We retrieve one or two dogs, check their chips, Dani checks their passports, and then the Scooby staff loads them into the kennels on the van.  They whimper and cry because they don't really understand what is happening. Once they settle in, they relax and begin to cuddle up together in their kennels.
Just Before the Transport Van Doors Close, Melissa Says a Last, "Goodbye" and
Tells the Dogs How Happy they will be in their New Homes in France.
Tears at the End when She has to Let Hacinta go. :-(

The van is ready to go, the gates open and off they go on their journey to France. Some of the dogs will have a 6 hour journey and others 12. 

The Scooby Transport Leaves for France -  Au revoir et ĂȘtre heureux, vous beaux chiens

It is such a great feeling knowing that there are lovely families waiting for these beautiful dogs, and that they will be in their new homes in a few short hours.  I think about the collars, leashes, toys, beds and treats that await them at their destinations.  It is such a happy ending to what could have been a very sad story for each and every one of them. They will be loved, pampered and treasured as they should be.

These are the fruits of our labor, our ultimate goals fulfilled -- rescuing unwanted, abused and neglected animals and placing them in loving homes where they can live the lives that they deserve. Thank you Scooby, volunteers, supporters and adoption families for having some of the biggest and kindest hearts on this Earth. You are truly amazing! :-)

Hasta Luego! Thank you for reading my blog! More to follow. Bless sends her blessings.
Our gorgeous Galga, Bless!

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