Sunday, February 16, 2014

How I Spent My Thanksgiving 2013 Holiday at Scooby in Spain (Part 2)

Piruleta, The Galga Puppy Who Stole My Heart
She's been Adopted and is now in a Loving Home in Europe
Piruleta, My Galga Puppy
I Love You and Wish You a Wonderful Life
I put this little teeny tiny sweater on my Piruleta
because it was so cold at night and she was so very fragile
When it comes to dogs, galgos in particular, I so easily fall in love with extra special ones each time that I visit Scooby. This time, it was with Sevillana, my galgo girl in Paddock 2, and Piruleta, a very young galga puppy who was part of a litter that was dumped at Scooby. When I arrived and saw these puppies, my heart immediately attached to the little runt girl.  She was teeny tiny, way too skinny and so very fragile. She reminded me of how my galga, Bless, must have looked as a puppy. She was one of the few puppies who had come down with parvo virus and was on her way back to health. It was very touch and go for her for a while.  Fortunately, there were a number of visiting veterinarians to help with her care and that of the other puppies, and all survived. I had a huge mother's instinct about protecting her, and even wanted to take her into my care while there. But she was already in good hands with the staff and vets, and was socializing with her pack -- important for the runt puppy, so I left her to be with her peeps. Every day while I was there, she grew stronger and I more hopeful that she and her brother, also a runt, would make it, live on and be adopted into great homes.
This is runt Piruleta (right) with her tiny brother (left)
My dream did come true for these puppies. They were all adopted, and my girl is now living in a loving home in Europe.
Beautiful Mastin Puppies

White Galga Puppy - also a Parvo Survivor
Black Lab Mix - came to Scooby weak and sick
Both are on to good lives now

It was so very cold when I was there. I am a Californian, spoiled by our warm weather, so it was quite an adjustment. In the mornings, the freezing cold literally took my breath away.  My eyes kept watering, nose running, etc.  The gift was that as the days wore on, they warmed up nicely, to the point where I didn't need an extra coat, gloves, etc.  Each day (especially at night), it made me think about how cold the galgos and other animals must be - brrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It makes putting coats on the dogs and placing blankets in the shelters that much more meaningful. I am comforted knowing that lots of the dogs like to pack together to sleep and keep warm (just like in my home with our dogs).
Sunning Galgos
They just love to lay out in the warm sunshine
Every time I visit Scooby, I see impressive improvements and more hope for the galgos and other animals. The facility is always growing and being updated and maintained by the wonderful staff and volunteers who make it home for so many unwanted, abandoned and neglected animals.  I am amazed by the ownership each and every one of the volunteers take over the care taking of Scooby.  Fermin Perez, founder, has created a culture that is so beautiful, in that, every one of us who love and care about Scooby feel as though we own it and can make a difference.  I have never seen anything like it. Long may Scooby run!
A Gaggle of Galgos
My Favorite Place to be!
The remainder of my visit involved cleaning the dog and cat pens, and medical storage area. Every day, I had the chance to socialize with the galgos and other dogs.  When you walk through the paddocks to visit with the dogs, they make you feel so important with their barking and jumping. It's as though you can hear them saying, "Pick me! Pick me! Please come in here and give me some love and attention."  I am comforted knowing that most will be placed in forever homes where they will have the lives that they deserve.
Pick me! Black beauty with Amber Eyes
Pick me! Lovely Podencos
Pick me! Gorgeous Brown Galga with Golden Eyes
Pick me! Just look at those markings
Beautiful Carla 
Now in a Lovely Home in Spain
Which brings me to Carla. She was one of my favorites that I met when I visited Scooby in June/July 2013. The little girl had gotten into a scrape with her paddock mates, and that's how we came to know and love her. She is sensitive, sweet, and oh-so-beautiful. She has one of the best happily-ever-after stories. She was adopted by one of Enrique's friends (he is Scooby's on-site veterinarian), along with another dog from the same paddock. She is living the big life on a large farm in Spain. I was there to see her up until the day she left for her new home. Couldn't be better! :-)

Parting is such sweet sorrow.... I always feel very emotional a day or two before I leave Scooby.  I reflect on everything that I've experienced, and I mourn about having to leave the animals.  Every one that I meet leaves an impression on my soul.  The only comfort in leaving is knowing that I will return.
Paddock 5 Gate Welcomes You to Scooby and the Galgos
But then You have to Say, "Hasta Luego" all too soon...

Retiring Another Pair of Boots
I like to Leave my Boots for other Volunteers when I go and take a photo to remember...
There is more to this adventure.  A few days before my return, Eva, Scooby N.A., asked if I could bring a dog with me to New York.  It all worked out, and I did bring back Miel, "the saddest dog at Scooby". I shall have a separate entry about her and my last couple of days spent touring Madrid with my friend, Alejandro.  Planning to return to Scooby again in late May/early June.  This time, I am working on plans to bring back one or two galgos for adoption in California through our local Greyhound Friends for Life group. Very exciting!

Hasta Luego! Thank you for reading my blog. More to follow. Bless sends her blessings. Sara sends smiles!

P.S. Update 2/24/14:  Here's a new photo of my Piruleta. She has grown so much. She is now in a wonderful home and part of a family. 

Piruleta, My Beautiful Girl - Transport Photo
Look how Gorgeous She is and How Much She has Grown!

Our gorgeous Galga, Bless!

Our gorgeous Galga, Sara!

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