Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dear Polka, I loved you before I ever met you...

Fell in Love with this Galga at Scooby in April
Read here how the story unfolds!
When Darrell and I visited Scooby Medina del Campo in April 2012, I fell in love with a sweet, long-haired blonde galga in one of the paddocks that I cleaned.  Every time I turned around, or reached out to pet the beautiful galgos in this paddock, this little girl was first. She stood beside me and waited for a pet or a kind word.  I gave her lots of love, and she gave that love right back. My heart soared thinking about who would be lucky enough to adopt this lady. So gentle and kind, I knew she'd be the perfect pet. 

All of the galgos at Scooby who are wearing blue collars, with the initials LSF, Lévriers sans Frontières, a French Galgo Rescue Association, will be going to France for adoption. It was bittersweet, wishing I could take this galga home, and knowing that she was destined for a wonderful life in France.  Once I left Scooby to return home to California,  I just couldn't stop thinking about her -- wondering where she went and who had adopted her. I wanted her to be happy, and hoped to find out more about her new life.

This is the Galga's Adoption Photo - I love her! |-)


I tried to wash her with a warm cloth,
but I just couldn't get all of the dried mud off of her lovely face.
It snowed and rained on this day in early April, so I put a nice warm coat on her.
She got along well with the others in the paddock, and she had a blue LSF collar,
so I knew she was going to France to be adopted.
There she was, along with all of the other lovelies,
coming to visit me when I sat down for a moment.
How could you not love this sweet, loving girl. She's truly someone special,
and I'm not the only one who noticed. :-) Read on for the Happy Ending!
I could not rest until I learned where my dear galga had gone. "Where for art thou sweet galga?" First, I posted on my own Facebook wall to see if any of my many Scooby peeps could advise regarding the galga's whereabouts.  No one knew.  

Then I had an idea!  I am connected to Levriers Infos Adoptions Ingrid on Facebook, and maybe she or someone else connected to her would know where my galga went.  All of her postings are in French, and I don't speak or read French, so I decided to try Google Translate.  I entered my inquiry posting in English and it translated to French.  I then posted my French inquiry, along with a photo of my galga, asking if anyone knew of her whereabouts.  God bless the Internet!  :-) I found her adoption family within 24 hours.  

Karine Le Goff- Tanguy and her family in Tourlaville, Basse-Normandie, France adopted her, and her name is --- ta da --- Polka!!!  Here is Karine's sweet story about how she loved Polka before she met her:

"It all started with a click on the internet. Here I am on the site "Sighthounds Without Borders", I read and reread all the articles, I look at the pictures of these martyrs galgos and I weep to see all this suffering and I am aware of the cruelty of which man is capable ! My decision is made, I will adhere to the association and try to help with my small means. I look every day of the new Pomeranians and I decide to click on pictures of dogs to adopt and there I came across the photo of Polka so sad, so beautiful and right away I knew it would, this little princess will be part of my family, I love her already without knowing her!! So I contacted the association to recognize the various stages of adoption and then everything starts up. I look forward to know if my application is accepted and finally the big day comes, I'll be able to adopt Polka. I am so happy! I'm still waiting for Polka must go in foster care for cats be tested because I have three but I confess that deep down I knew that everything going to be alright, it's made for me and for come live with us, our destiny was to cross. 1 week after I learned that everything goes well and so I decided to go get her. The meeting was wonderful, she is immediately came to me and cling to my leg, we just loved her. A week ago and she is part of our family and this is happiness!! She's a ray of sunshine, a precious stone and see épanoir, and plays with my children and my other dogs. She just filled me with joy!"

Polka in her New Home! :-)

Polka Plays with Her New Pack
Polka with Her New Family
Polka - Isn't she lovely?
Happy Polka makes me Happy too!

The Beautiful Polka - Look at her! She's gorgeous! :-)
Hasta Luego! Thank you for reading my blog! More to follow. Bless sends her blessings.
Our gorgeous Galga, Bless!
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Friday, June 8, 2012

All Because One Person Cared... and Another... and Another...

Bless at Scooby, May 2011
I was thinking about it a couple of nights ago, and it occured to me that having our Scooby galga, Bless, is truly a miracle which would not have happened without the help of so many people who cared.  I don't know Bless' history, but I imagine that it's something like this...
Six years ago a beautiful brindle galga and a handsome strong galgo found each other in their paddocks, and decided to mate. Momma had a litter of very special galgos and galgas which she proudly presented to her galguero to champion in the hunting season.  Sadly, her puppies were lost in the perpetual breeding sea of galgos, bred to be "the best" hunter of the season.  
Sweet, Sleepy Galgo Puppy
Some faltered and faced the sad ending that we don't like to think about, but there was one beautiful galga who made it through four hunting seasons.  Not really sure why... Maybe it was her beautiful Spanish eyes, her gorgeous brindle markings, or sweet disposition.  Whatever it was, whether that galguero gave up the galga or someone cared enough about her to rescue her, thankfully, she ended up at Scooby in Medina del Campo, Spain.
Once she arrived at Scooby, in December of 2010, someone admitted her. They cared about her well being and treated her with love. Even though she had been neglected, she knew that this was how it should be, and responded with affection. The sweet galga was examined by the Vet, had her shots, was spayed and microchipped, and was given her name, "Bless" which was one of many names generated out of a database but none-the-less suited her perfectly.  Her photos, name and profile were entered into the Scooby adoption database by another person who cared, and Bless just took a giant step into the hearts of people worldwide who care about and love galgos. 

Bless' Scooby Adoption Photos - How We Selected Her
She was then moved to a paddock.  It was so nice to be in a place with shelter, an open field to run free, regular meals and visits and attention from even more people who cared, the Scooby staff and volunteers. So many kind people visited her paddock, giving her love and attention. She yearned to go with each and every one of them, but she had to wait for something wonderful to happen... so she was very patient.

Meanwhile, in the USA, in August 2010, the Easter family lost their dearest greyhound, Daisy, to Osteosarcoma. It broke their hearts... :-( 
Daisy, Our Beloved First Greyhound
They had adopted another greyhound rescue, Wilma, who was a delight, and also had another dog, a rescued American Eskimo, Jake. Even with these two lovelies and a sweet cat, named Frank, they still had room in their hearts and home for another pet.
Wilma, Our Second Greyhound - Silly Girl
Jake, Our American Eskimo - Angel
Margie had read an article about Spanish galgos in, "Celebrating Greyhounds" a few years prior -- about how difficult their lives are and how they are not respected or treated well. It saddened her. She decided that one day, she'd like to adopt a beautiful galgo.  She researched on the Internet for months and contacted people until she found Eva and Diane, who represented the Scooby Medina del Campo galgo rescue group. She contacted them by email first, and then by phone. She looked through the photos and found that very special, beautiful galga who was waiting for her... "Bless". But she was sad to learn that Bless was going to France. :-(  Her heart was set on that galga.  Okay, so she selected another, "Dorothy", who eventually ended up in Italy. Margie inquired again and learned that Bless was still at Scooby, so Eva held her for the Easters to adopt. A few days later, when she spoke with Eva, she suggested that Margie might want to travel to Scooby Medina to volunteer and to pick up her galga. At first, it seemed outrageous, and then it occurred to her that it would be a wonderful adventure. (She had no idea how great it would be!)  

Margie traveled to Spain in April 2011 to volunteer at Scooby with Diane and Lydia, Scooby USA board members, met many wonderful people from the UK and Netherlands, who are mentioned throughout this blog and mainly, to bring back the most beautiful and special galga with the gorgeous Spanish eyes and beautiful brindle markings -- our Bless.

One person cared, and then another, and another, and it continues on and on... As a result, Bless has the wonderful life she deserves as a pampered pet in the Easter home. 

It's been over a year now since we brought back our Bless, and I cannot tell you how much joy that she brings to our lives.  She is a wonderful, loving, sweet, affectionate pet, and we love her SO much!

Bless and the Easters truly have a Happily Ever After! :-)

Hasta Luego! Thank you for reading my blog! More to follow. Bless sends her blessings.
Our gorgeous Galga, Bless!
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