Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dear Family & Friends, I've Finally Found the Perfect Job That I Really, Really Want!

I've Finally Found My Dream Job! :-)

Folks, what a discovery! I've found my dream job...

Great hours, excellent benefits, free meals and snacks, everyone appreciates you for who you are, regular massages, and more perks than I can list here.

The job/position:
I want to be a dog in my house. Here are a few of the reasons that I want to pursue my new dream job:

1) I get to lounge around all day -- eat treats, play and sleep any time I want -- except I have to get my greyhound, Wilma, and galgo, Bless out of my lounge chairs.
Wilma and Bless on the Lounge Chairs
2) I can cuddle up with Bless and Wilma to get my ears and face cleaned, as they do for each other, just before I nap with them. It doesn't get any better than this!
Bless cleaning Wilma's Ears - So Sweet
 3) I can take that well-deserved morning nap with Bless.
Bless Napping
4) I can take another well-deserved morning nap with Wilma and Jake. OK. That takes care of the mornings. Now for the afternoons.
Wilma and Jake Napping
So you're getting that napping is one of the primary responsibilities for this job. Right? :-) I could be good at that. I just know it!

5) I can take that well-deserved afternoon nap with Frank (kittie) and Wilma.
Frank and Wilma Napping
6) I can take another well-deserved afternoon nap with Bless.
Bless Napping
Whew! That's a long day. May just be time for another nap to rest up...

What a perfect job opportunity! Bet you're excited for me. :-)
I'm sure that I'm the perfect fit for this position when the Easter Family reads my resume and sees just how cute and loveable I am. I have some serious competition with Bless, Wilma, Jake and Frank, but I know they must have room for one more employee in that household. I'm just waiting for that call...  getting soooooo tired of looking for that perfect job, and am confident that this is the one for me.

BTW - Wouldn't you like to be a dog (or cat) in my house? Oops - sorry! All of our positions are currently filled, as are our hearts. ;-)  All of the Easter's pets, including our dear Bless, are getting the love and great lives that they deserve.

Hasta Luego!
Thank you for reading my blog! More to follow, including news of our upcoming trip to Spain to visit Scooby to volunteer. Very excited about that! Bless sends her blessings.
Our gorgeous Galga, Bless!

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