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Wish They All Could Be California Galgos! Scooby Galgos Adopted by California Greyhound Friends for Life

Thank you, Greyhound Friends for Life and Scooby Medina del Campo
So much positive news to report in this blog posting. Since Greyhound Friends for Life (GFFL) in the San Francisco Bay Area of California partnered with Scooby Medina del Campo in Spain earlier this year, in an effort to rescue and place lovely galgos for adoption in the USA, things are progressing very well.

Californians Have BIG Hearts for the Galgos
In October, two Scooby galgos were brought to the GFFL folks for fostering and adoption. They are Juanillo, a long haired galgo (male), and Bonnie, a young galga (female). Juanillo has already been adopted and is doing very well. Bonnie is being fostered by GFFL Leader, Barbara Judson, and also doing well. And another wonderful volunteer from the Bay Area also traveled to Scooby in early November and brought back a galgo, which she adopted. Thank you to the folks who visited Scooby, volunteered and worked out all of the details to get the galgos here, and to the fosters and adopters in the U.S.A.!

In late November, I traveled to Scooby again to volunteer with my friend, Mora Gozani. We brought back four galgos: Bond, Calisto, Cuco and Roco, There are interesting stories to tell about our travel adventures, which I will share in my upcoming blog postings. Roco has already been adopted by a family in Vancouver, but Bond, Calisto and Cuco are still available, as is Bonnie.  If you are interested in fostering or adopting any of these galgos, please contact Barbara. Here are their photos and stories:

Who is Bond and Why You Want Him to be Your Galgo

Bond is our surprise guest! Originally, Mora and I thought that we would only bring two galgos to California. The other two were to be picked up by other adoption groups at JFK in New York. But, as fate would have it, because of Winter weather, we ended up flying from Madrid to Miami, and then to San Francisco.  Since Bond was going to a foster, but not forever home, the GFFL team agreed to keep him and place him locally.  We don't know a lot about him except that he is very shy and frightened, but he is very gentle and sweet when you are close to him.  It will take some time and tender loving care to allow his true personality to blossom.  I know that, with time, Bond will be one of the best galgos one could ever adopt.  He was so resilient on the long journey to California, and Mora and I fell in love with him.  He's irresistible! :-) Barbara and the GFFL team can provide further information about Bond if you are interested in fostering and/or adopting him.

Who is Bonnie and Why You Want Her to be Your Galga

Sweet Bonnie lassie is a very gorgeous galga. (She looks a lot like my Bless.) :-)  There is a special blog posting on the Scooby website about how they found and rescued her from the streets, along with another galgo, called "Clyde", whom they were not able to catch. She’s timid with strangers, but loves her "person". She gets along well with other dogs, both males and females. Bonnie is still getting used to being in a home, and Barbara's fostering is helping her acclimate. If you are interest in adopting Bonnie, contact Barbara.

Who is Cuco and Why You Want Him to be Your Galgo

Cuco has an extra special story which you can read in the Scooby blog. A good Samaritan learned that Cuco's galguero was discussing how he would be rid of this gorgeous boy. Fortunately, they intervened before the worst happened. They then took him to Scooby.

Back story:  We were establishing a partnership between Scooby and GFFL early in 2014 and looking at galgos for adoption.  I visited in April/May and a few dogs were suggested for adoption. One of them was Cuco, a handsome long haired male brindle, with a sweet personality whom I came to know and fall in love with. On one of the days that my colleague and I cleaned paddock 3, we noticed that a lovely boy was being picked on by the others. We culled him out from the pack and he kept us company as we cleaned the kennels.  He came to wait for us every day, even waiting by the kennel door for treats and acknowledgement.  I took him for a walk every day, fell in love with him and put him on reserve for GFFL.  He waited a long time, but now he is here in California!

Since he's been in California, Cuco has been at King's Kastle, the GFFL rescue facility, with the other dogs who are awaiting foster and forever homes.  Cuco has a wonderful personality and will make an excellent pet. He loves people. He can be dominant with other dogs at times, and is not good with small dogs or cats, so this is a consideration for fitting him into your pack. Barbara and the GFFL team have great insights regarding his personality, and can advise further. 

Who is Calisto and Why You Want Him to be Your Galgo

Calisto is a very handsome and gentle black and white tuxedo galgo. He was one of the longest Scooby residents (since March, 2013).  He is somewhat shy with people, but once you spend time with him, he sweetly comes to ask for love and encouragement. Calisto is very happy and easy going with other dogs.  Although it was not possible to even touch him when he first arrived at Scooby, he has made phenomenal progress.  His personality will continue to reveal the great dog that he is when he is in his home with his people. He is not dominant, so that is a consideration for fitting into your pack. Calisto was in a foster home here for a while with another dog, and did very well. GFFL will have more insights regarding a perfect forever home situation for Calisto.  

My Next Blog Series...
I have so much to share with you about my recent trip to Germany and Spain.  Please stay tuned for more stories and photos!

Hasta Luego! Thank you for reading my blog. Bless sends her blessings! Sara sends smiles!
 Wilma sends kisses and hugs!

Our gorgeous Galga, Bless!

Our gorgeous Galga, Sara!

Our gorgeous Greyhound, Wilma!
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