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Part 1 - Fall/Winter 2014, Scooby Ignites Global Friendships - Pre-visit to Germany

Scooby Ignites Global Friendships, Part 1 - Fall/Winter 2014 
Wonderful Pre-visit to Germany to Meet Marie
My Dear Friend, Marie, and Abba, a Scooby Rescue
Dear Abba, I Love You!
A few years ago, I connected with one of my fellow Scooby supporters, Marie, who lives in Aachen, Germany.  We've gotten into the habit of chatting many nights via Facebook, and easily bonded like Sisters.:-)

Marie adopted a gorgeous, loving Scooby dog, Abba, and has an abiding love and support for Scooby Medina del Campo in Spain.  She's been there to visit, and I hope to meet up with her some time this year to volunteer.  Amazingly, Marie and I have become so close with our online friendship that we arranged for me to travel to Germany and spend three full days visiting her in Aachen in November, staying at her flat; all prior to flying to Madrid to volunteer at Scooby.

One of the huge benefits of being a Scooby volunteer is that you get to meet people from all parts of the World and then become forever friends, with a bond that is heartfelt and timeless.  Marie is one of the very finest, kindest, and best people that I've ever met. When I visited, words cannot express how much it meant to me to be welcomed into her home, to meet her friends, go to her favorite places, learn about her life, and to see what a wonderful life she and Abba have together.  It was an absolute pleasure to sleep on the guest sofa with dear Abba while I was there (my dog fix).  At night, Abba was in heaven with her sighs and such, as she dreams - all thanks to Marie and the happy life that Abba has. 

I was only there for three days, but it felt like so much longer for all that we did.  Day one, we explored Aachen, including the Cathedral, taking Abba everyplace we went.  
Aachen Cathedral is truly something to see!

We met so many of Marie's dear friends.Day two, we visited the Eifel National Park and met her friend, Tibbie, and her three gorgeous Spanish Water Dogs (all rescues).
Marie (r) Tibbie (l) and her three gorgeous Spanish Water Dogs. What a lovely day and place!
Tibbie has done so much great work with her dogs. She is truly a Dog Whisperer and lovely person.

After our walk, we visited a traditional German restaurant for a delicious lunch, located in the country. We had a view of a farm and gorgeous green countryside, right outside the window. That evening, I had the chance to meet two of her primo piano students (Marie is a Concert Pianist Extraordinaire).  She and her delightful students, who are sisters, gave me my own private concerto.  We had a ball goofing around with them arranging our hair styles and such. 
Marie with Her Two Lovely Students - Sisters
The next day, we went to Vaalserberg, the place where Germany, Holland and Belgium intersect. 
Vaalserberg: Three Countries Converge Here
After that, Marie and her god-daughter took me to Maastricht, a gorgeous city just over the border in Holland, where we did some sight-seeing, shopping and eating.  
Maastricht, What a Lovely City!
It went by so fast, and it was a fabulous time.  Can't wait to go back, and to have Marie here to show her my world in California. She's been here to visit years ago, but we have so much more to share today.

Marie, I cannot tell you how much this visit meant to me. I had such a wonderful time. You rolled out the red carpet for me.  I LOVED every minute of it: you, Abba, Mirko, your friends, your home, the food and hospitality, your city, our walks, the surrounding area, and all of our adventures. It was one of the times of my life! :-)

Thank you so much. Cannot wait to meet up again soon!
Hasta Luego! Thank you for reading my blog. Bless sends her blessings! Sara sends smiles! Wilma sends kisses and hugs!

Our gorgeous Galga, Bless!

Our gorgeous Galga, Sara!

Our gorgeous Greyhound, Wilma!
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  1. Thank you for your wonderful blog Margie. You had a great time with your friend and it shows in your words. I'm sure your time at Scooby was just as wonderful.