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Part Two: Great Days in Germany - Visiting Marie, Lucy and Abba

My Dear Friends in Germany - Marie, Abba and Lucy
Part 2 - May-June 2015 Visit to Germany and Spain

Here's Part 2 of the story from my May-June visit to Germany and Spain.  As mentioned in my previous post, it was quite an eventful journey getting to Dusseldorf to then visit Marie in Aachen, Germany.  However, once I arrived, everything was perfect.  Marie, Abba (Scooby rescue) and Lucy (newly adopted via a Spanish rescue group) met me at the lovely Dusseldorf airport, and then drove about one hour to Aachen.  We always have so much to talk about, and the trip went by very quickly. I had the chance to get a good night's rest in Chicago, due to the flight delay, so I was ready to go for the day. 

Day 1 - The Wedding
The Wedding - Such a Happy Couple
This was the day of Marie's dear friend's wedding. We had plenty of time to get ready for the epic event.  Abba and Lucy were also invited to the wedding, so we rounded up the girls and set out for the most beautiful historic cathedral in Aachen.  We sat in the back of the church, and the girls were just perfect, all the way through the ceremony.  
Lucy and Abba, Such Great Girls
The wedding was lovely, and the bride and groom so happy and content.  The man who played the organ was one of Marie's former students, which brought things full circle. It felt so great to be there to celebrate this very precious time with such great people. I was truly honored to have been able to spend this day with everyone.  When we left the church, there was a small German band playing right outside.  It was so festive and many tourists were taking pictures, smiling and enjoying the event, right along with us.  

Afterward, we went to the park in the Aachen highlands for the reception. It was held in the tall tower building that has a 360 degree rotating floor with magnificent views. The food and drink was excellent, and I loved meeting more of Marie's friends.
The Wedding Reception was in the Tower on the Left - Great Venue!

The Wedding Reception Was Held in a Tower that Rotated for a 360 degree View of the Aachen Area. Great Food and Service :-)
Abba and Lucy were such well behaved ladies. First class! We had the chance to tour the grounds and walked the trails. As fate would have it, there was also an antique auto race in the park. Such lovely autos and in such pristine condition.  Made it extra special. 
Classic Car Race in the Park - Very Cool!
After this full day, we retired early.  It was so great because Marie's roommate, Mirko, even gave up his room so that I could be super comfortable there.  He was on a biking trip, and I had just missed him by one day.  I have to say that I slept like a baby the two nights that I was there. Such a peaceful place.

Day 2 - The Eifel

The Eifel National Park in Germany is a Must-See

I will never forget this day. Marie and I had a great breakfast, talking and talking. We could talk forever... Then we headed for the Eifel, a place that the locals love to visit during the hotter days of the Summer. Lots of motorcyclists and tourists.  Parking lots were very full. It is an area that has a very large reservoir, which is a water source for Aachen and the surrounding area.  It is cooler there, and very pleasant, with picnic grounds, and two boats that will take you from one end of the reservoir to the other, stopping at various places along the way.  The weather was perfect. 
The Eifel Park - Great Place to Spend the Day
We had lunch at one of the local restaurants, and then bought our tickets for the boat tour. 
Our Boat at the Eifel - Peaceful Cruising on the Reservoir
The Eifel - Peaceful and Lovely
We decided that it would be great to get off around 3 miles out and hike back to the car. During the boat ride, we saw so many intriguing stops, even a wedding taking place at one of them.  Abba and Lucy loved it and were very relaxed all along the way.  We got off of the boat at our selected stop and headed out on the trail.  We went right, but found out later that we should have gone left...  Going right took us to a trail that went up a very, very steep hill to a goat path.  We began to realize that this was not a good move, and that we should go back. At one point, we were on a trail that involved putting one foot in front of the other to navigate.  We each had a dog. Marie said, "If the dogs see a rabbit or something to chase, just let them go." We could have been pulled or fallen off of the trail, and down the very steep hill, into the water. Cell phones did not work.  There is nothing we could have done for each other at this point, should one of us have fallen down the very steep hill and into the water.  I have to say that this was one of the scariest moments ever!  Yikes!  
Yikes! Marie and I Experienced One of My Nightmares and Got Through It!
But... the dogs were wonderful! They never pulled or stressed. I swear they knew that we were in danger, and they wanted us to be safe.  We climbed back down and back to the boat, knowing that we had dodged bullets, and being thankful for everything going well. 
Marie and Abba on the Eifel Boat - Great Times!
Had a nice meal with Marie, turned in early and she took me to the airport early in the morning.  I sure wish that I had more time to visit, but we have such a great time when I do. It's always quality.  

Marie, thank you so much for having me as your guest.  I hope to see you again in the Spring of 2016.  What wonderful friends we make via our Scooby connections! 

Hasta Luego! Thank you for reading my blog. Bless sends her blessings! Sara sends smiles! Wilma sends kisses and hugs!

Our gorgeous Galga, Bless!
Our gorgeous Galga, Sara!

Our gorgeous Greyhound, Wilma!
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