Sunday, October 2, 2011

Auction for Scooby Medina del Campo, 10/3-10/11/11. Please check it out!

Top 10 Reasons to Bid on Something in the Scooby Auction:

As a HUGE fan of Scooby and Galgos, what are the top 10 reasons that you should bid on something in the Scooby Auction:
  1. Galgos are possibly the most gorgeous and sweet pets that anyone could have, and we need help for the dogs at Scooby Medina del Campo. 
  2. If you have a Galgo or Greyhound, you must have the correct attire, coat, etc. to match the elegance of the breed. Not to be snooty, but they DO have so much class.;-)
  3. Galgos need your TLC, as many have been neglected, never loved or treated as pets. Yet they take to it so readily and easily.
  4. Scooby and the Staff give each and every Galgo care and loving that they could never have imagined in their hunting lives.
  5. Galgos have BIG hearts. They are ready to be your beloved pets in your home, and they adjust well. It's amazing!
  6. The Galgos adjust well to the pack. They fit well with other breeds, and even cats!
  7. Although Spanish, they adjust well to English, and I imagine other languages, as long as they are trained with love. Remember that "Treats" are the universal language of love for all dogs. :-P
  8. They are super intelligent and observant. Our Galgo, Bless, has learned everything about us, our home and has won our hearts, all within six months.
  9. Galgos are the forgotten by many, and many are unaware about them and their plight. Please learn more about them and take action.
  10. How could anyone resist the face and the sweet heart and love of a Galgo!

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