Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Visit to Spain, Spring 2012: Day Three - Madrid

Our body clocks are out of whack. We stayed up late on Monday night and woke up at 7 a.m., feeling rested and ready to go on about 5 hours of sleep. (That's 10 p.m. in CA. Yikes!)  Guess the naps have helped.

We walked the opposite way today (West). Found a nice restaurant and had a good breakfast of scrambled eggs with potatoes and cheese, thick bacon and toasted bread. After that, we walked to the area where there are dozens of shoe shops.  Didn't buy anything, but it was fun to look around.  In that area, there was a very large grocery market -- Mercado. It was the coolest market that I've ever visited, even beats Whole Foods with regard to product display and store layout. 
The Mercado Grocery Market
Fresh Strawberry Pyramid - Mercado
From there, we walked to the Plaza de Espana where they had a small set of booths where vendors were selling jewelry, clothing, purses and other goods.  
Fountain at the Plaza de Espana
After that, we walked to the Royal Palace of Madrid, the Almudena Cathedral and through the Sabitini Gardens -- so much history and such beautiful architecture.  It's Spring break for a number of students, and there were many touring the City along with us.  The weather was partly cloudy and cooler, which was perfect for walking.
Royal Palace of Madrid
Almudena Cathedral
Sabatini Garden

There are many pan-handlers that provide musical and visual entertainment for a coin or two.  We saw some interesting new approaches, such as two people dressed in terra cotta colored outfits posing as statues.  But by far the most clever was the "invisible man" which was actually a petite woman dressed in a man's suit, sitting in a lawn chair reading the paper with her head concealed.
Invisible Man - Very Clever
Invisible Man - Reveals Himself for a Photo for a Coin

Made our way to a small neighborhood that is known for the best Tapas and hit three different restaurants. Excellent food and very inexpensive.  We then headed back to our hotel room to relax.  

We've had a wonderful time visiting and touring Madrid. It is a great City!  We will be up early to check out of the hotel, then return to the airport to pick up our kennel for Benji and our rental car.  We will then begin the most exciting part of our adventure, which is our visit to Scooby in Medina del Campo.

Stay tuned for news from Scooby!

Hasta Luego! Thank you for reading my blog! More to follow. Bless sends her blessings.
Our gorgeous Galga, Bless!
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