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Visit to Spain, Spring 2012: Day Eight - Scooby Medina del Campo

Darrell - Last Day at Scooby
Hola, Amigos and Amigas, 
It is with heavy hearts that we spend our last full day at Scooby. The time flew by all too quickly, and we enjoyed every minute to the fullest. It was another rainy, cold day, which somehow makes it all more memorable; as these types of days seem to get ingrained in our memories.
Bless' Brother?
This beautiful brindle, long-haired Galgo was in the same Quarantine pen that Bless was in last year.
He was so shy and timid. He wanted to come up to be petted, but never made it to my hands. So sad to see how timid some are. One only knows what he's seen and experienced.
On this last day, we cleaned a few pens and made some dog food. But our main focus was on making certain that everything was ready for taking Benji and Rayo home to the USA.  We put their water bowls in the freezer in the Scooby kitchen. Darrell loaded their carriers into the van. We picked out a couple of cute donated coats and blankets for them. Helen, our wonderful colleague, brought several gorgeous collars for the Scooby dogs, and offered two of them to us for Benji and Rayo. The two handsome Scooby dogs would arrive in New York City in style, thanks to Helen! :-)
Rayo - Sweet Long haired Galgo. Came home to the USA (New York) with us!
Benji - Padenco mix. Lively and loving. Also came home to the USA (New York) with us.
We had a late lunch at the wonderful cafe across the street from the hotel, near the church, and then went back to Scooby to say our goodbye's to the volunteers, staff and dogs.  Turned in early, around 7 p.m. Our alarm was set for 2:30 a.m.  Blah!

Wouldn't you know it... the weather was improving, so they had fireworks that Saturday evening before Easter Sunday, which woke us up a couple of times. We wished we could have been able to enjoy the festivities with the others, but needed our rest for the long journey home to California. In spite of all of the emotion and hoopla, we slept well on this, our last evening in Spain.

We All Feel Like We Own Scooby -- Or Rather, Scooby Owns Us and Our Hearts...
It had been almost exactly one year since I had visited Scooby to volunteer and pick up Bless, and I still remember every detail as though it was just yesterday. What is it about this place that burns such passionate feelings into our minds and hearts? The sights, sounds and smells of Scooby are unforgettable (some good, some not-so-good ;-) ). Why do all of us who visit take such an ownership over what happens to Scooby and the animals there, and even those who have never visited?  I think it is the passion that we feel for the dogs, and the good that is being done there. There are so few places where there is great need, and where we can see the difference that we can make right away, by sponsoring or volunteering. Scooby has such an incredibly strong, dedicated and supportive team of global volunteers, who take so much ownership for the success of this wonderful place. It's truly touching and inspirational.  When we visit Scooby, it becomes even more of a part of us. We get to know the dogs. We get to see what it's really like there. We get to see the difference that we all are making, and it just takes hold of us.  Aside from that, since my visit last year, I ran into many of the same great staff and volunteers at Scooby, including my mates from the UK, and even staff at the airport, which helped make me feel at home again.

For those who have never visited Scooby, or those who have one time or one hundred times, here's to you!  A tour of Scooby - welcome home and please come back again - we know you have the sweetest dreams about this place. We sure do! :-)  

Entrance to the Main Building at Scooby
Note the collars and leads

This is the Hallway of the main Scooby Building
First left - Scooby Kitchen, Second left - Men's Shower/Locker Room, Third left - Women's Shower/Locker Room,
Right - Dog Bathing Area, Straight back sharp left - Oldie's Den,
Left - Dog Coat/Supply Room, Right into 4 Paddock Shelter Areas and Many Lovely Galgos!

Sweet things: Many birds Nest within these Walls as well - Everyone is Welcome!

This is the Scooby Kitchen, in the Main Building
Has two Fridges, a Stove, Microwave, Cupboards for Supplies, Table and Chairs for Eating, and Two Clothes Washers

Women's Locker/Shower/Storage room at Scooby

Dog Coat/Supply Room - Filled with Dozens of Donated Coats, Collars, Leads and Blankets
from Wonderful Folks Who Have Donated to Scooby

This is the "Oldies Den" - The older Scooby dogs have a paddock garden area and even a small block house with furniture where they can hang out and experience life in a home, even if they never get to their forever homes. So wonderful!

This is one of the paddocks. Note that there is an indoor shelter with beds, food bins and heat, a patio area where there are more food bins, and then an open paddock for exercise and sun. Every paddock has a shelter and open space.

This is the Quarantine Area - Most of these Dogs are Going to their Forever Homes and/or Other Countries

This is the Scooby Warehouse - Food Supplies, Cats Hanging out, Blankets, Washers,
Clothes Lines for Drying, Storage Shelves for Blankets and Coats

Scooby Van Next to Dorm/Store and Office Buildings
They use these Vans to transport the dogs to and fro for adoption, even into other countries.

We'll fill you in on our journey back to the USA in the next edition. Please stay tuned!

Hasta Luego! Thank you for reading my blog! More to follow. Bless sends her blessings.

Our gorgeous Galga, Bless!

Please support Scooby!
Know an organization that will donate dog food? Please let me know.

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