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Visit to Spain, Spring 2012: Day Four - Scooby Medina del Campo

Margie @ Scooby = Happy :-)
Awoke with joy today at the thought that this is the day I return to Scooby. We decided to take a cab to the airport. It was smooth sailing. Cost 33E and took about 30 minutes.  He dropped us at the Delta counter. 

First, we went to the Avis counter and secured our rental car.  The two kennels that we are using to take the adopted dogs back to the USA are large and jumbo size, so we inquired about getting a larger vehicle. They upgraded us from a station wagon to a van, which is perfect.  It cost about 50E more, but will be well worth it.  The agent was very kind and helpful, and he gave us flawless directions to Medina del Campo (even though I had mapped it out -- his directions were clearer).  We picked up the kennel for Benji from Left Luggage and headed out. It was only an additional 11E for the storage of the carrier, and I ran into the same people at the airport over and over who had helped me last year when I brought Bless home.

We loaded up the kennel and luggage and headed out. There was a gentle rain on and off during our trip from Madrid to Medina del Campo.  The traffic was low, and it's a relief to drive in a Country where the car has the steering wheel on the left, and driving on the right, as we do in the States.  When you're in an unfamiliar place, driving on the "other side" is yet one more confusing thing to deal with.

It was misty and foggy as we drove through the green belt and mountains.  We stopped at the same road stop where I had stopped with Diane and Lydia last year on our way to Scooby.  Had delicious cafe con panna and breakfast sandwiches.  Arrived in Medina del Campo around Noon and checked into the Hotel La Mota. Many fellow Scoobettes stay at this Hotel during their visits, as it is only about 3 miles from here to Scooby.  The Hotel and rooms are modestly priced, have simple amenities, and are clean and quiet.  The UK Scoobettes (mainly Lucinda) and others have created a very helpful, "Guide to Scooby and Medina del Campo", which we've found to be invaluable for directions, information and tips. 

Back at Scooby!
Drove to Scooby and entered the sanctuary.  As we walked up to the gate, one of my favorite sounds -- the song of the Galgos, or the Galgo Wave -- broke out.  It's kind of like the wave that people do at football and other games. It starts with one or a small group of howlers, and then gradually builds to a crescendo where all of the dogs are howling in unison. 
It generally lasts about 2-3 minutes, and it truly is beautiful to hear.   

The Song of the Galgos - Beautiful!

The Scooby grounds are looking great! I couldn't believe how many new kennels they have built since last year. Amazing! I showed my husband, Darrell, around the place, and we met some of the new staff.  Was also lucky to run into Fermin, to say, "Hola!" just before he left for a vacation. Then we looked around for work that needed to be done.  Darrell went with Dannie to help with some electrical work, and I spoke with another volunteer from Holland who said that some of the paddocks still needed to be cleaned/scooped.  

Went to one of the paddocks and began scooping poop for the next couple of hours.  There were about 20 galgos in this paddock, and they all surrounded me to try to get a pet and/or kind word, as I worked my way through the scooping.  There were two in particular, a large beige and white male and small black female who were there every time I moved my hands to pet someone. The male came to hug my legs. He was 'my galgo' for that short time. What a lover! Whomever gets him will be lucky.  They are all so beautiful, and it was fun to see them playing, running and laying in the afternoon sun.  Reminded me that this is the pay-off for all of us who love and support Scooby. :-)  
Galgos - These are a few of my Favorite Things...
It was funny because at one point, it got warmer and the sun was partially shining, so I took off my coat and put it on a bench.  First one galgo was all over it, sniffing, and soon several were doing the same.  When I came back to retrieve it, they had dragged it across the paddock. They are just so happy to have love and attention. They even love the way you smell. :-) It's incredible!

We wrapped up our day and headed into town for tapas.  Jet lag still hitting us, we laid down for a nap. Awoke a couple of hours later and readied for our next day at Scooby.  I couldn't figure out the wifi login on this night, so wrote off-line and will post from Scooby tomorrow.

My fellow Scoobettes from the UK will be arriving tomorrow, and I can't wait to see them!  

I'm very sure that I'll have lots of lovely stories and photos to share about tomorrow's adventure.

Stay tuned for news from Scooby!

Hasta Luego! Thank you for reading my blog! More to follow. Bless sends her blessings.
Our gorgeous Galga, Bless!
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