Friday, March 30, 2012

Off to Spain! Scooby, Here We Come! Can't wait to visit again... (Fuera de España! Scooby, Here We Come! No puedo esperar a volver otra vez ...)

We are off to visit Scooby Medina del Campo Again!
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Our long anticipated vacation has arrived! We will be traveling to Spain to tour Madrid for a few days, and then spend time volunteering at Scooby Medina del Campo. This time, my husband Darrell will travel with me. I can't believe that almost one year has passed since I first visited Scooby to bring home our Galga, Bless. It truly has been a journey -- and an exciting one at that! 
We've had our Galga Bless for Almost One Year Now - She's Wonderful!
It will be fun and interesting to tour Madrid for a few days before we visit Scooby.  It is a beautiful, historic City, and we plan to do walking tours every day.  Hoping that the weather will be good, but we expect that there will be some rain, since it's Spring.  The day and night temps are comparable to ours in California. 
Beautiful Madrid - Looking forward to Learning More about You!
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Volunteering at Scooby
While at Scooby, we will be working with fellow volunteers from the UK and USA.  I'm excited to reunite with several of the UK volunteers that I met last year. We're staying at the same hotel in Medina del Campo, so we can all have dinner together after work.  As serendipity would have it, one of the other volunteers from the USA is also the friend of one of my friends, so we will all have a lot to talk about while we go about our daily chores at Scooby.  I'm not sure what we'll all be working on, but we know that it will be good work that helps Scooby take care of its many lucky rescued animals.
Three Beautiful Galgos that I Met Last Year at Scooby --
Bet they all having loving homes now!
Bringing Benji and Rayo to Their Forever Homes in the USA
My husband, Darrell has our travel kennel packed and ready with supplies for bringing back two adoptees, Benji (a Podenco mix) and Rayo (a Galgo - travel kennel is ready in Spain). We will meet with their adoption mothers to pick them up at JFK Airport in NYC on our journey back to California.  

Benji Will be Traveling with Us from Scooby to his Forever Home In the USA (New York) 

Dear Fellow Scooby Fans, Virtual Adoption Parents and Lovers of Scooby Dogs in General - Can I Do Something for You While I'm There?
  • Is there a dog that I can pet, cuddle and kiss for you? 
  • Can I take a photo of any special animal and post/send to you? 
  • Do you want a status report on any of the animals there that are special to you? (I know -- they are all special. Right?) ;-)  
If you would like me to give you an update and/or photo, please send me an email by 4/7/12, and I'll do my best to provide that to you.

I plan to blog about my trip, take lots of photos and videos too.  I'll post everything so that you can enjoy the updates about Scooby and the wonderful rescued animals. Rest assured that Bless and our other pets will be in loving hands with our Pet/House Sitter while we are away. :-)

Hasta Luego!
Thank you for reading my blog! More to follow. Bless sends her blessings.
Our gorgeous Galga, Bless!
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  1. Good luck with your trip and I look forward to reading more on your blog. Just a little sad that Benji is a x podenco, not pure, as the Podencos suffer as much as the galgos and need all the publicity they can get. But, as I always say, every dog deserves a forever home. Bon voyage. Say hi to Cobie from me.

  2. Nice to follow your viaje/trip and looking forward to news from Scooby..please cuddle Gabriella the Mastina for me..Telma

  3. yayyy! so glad to read you are taking two scooby furry residents to their new homes in the USA!
    have a wonderful time at scooby ;)

  4. Please give Austin
    a kiss and a cuddle from me.xx