Saturday, June 18, 2011

Journey to Spain, 4/27-5/3/11 - Adventures with My Good Luck Charm & Travel Partner, Hazel

This Entry is all about Hazel's Adventures
Who is Hazel?
Here is the link to my original posting about Hazel, my good luck charm and travel partner, a collectible Salt & Pepper shaker from a very cool little cafe called LouLou's Griddle in the Middle, Fisherman's Wharf, Monterey, CA.

The following is a photo montage of the various adventures that Hazel shared with me during my recent trip to Spain, where we volunteered at Scooby Medina del Campo, and picked up my adopted Galgo (Spanish Greyhound), Bless.  Enjoy! :-)

Hazel's Home
LouLou's Griddle in the Middle, Monterey, CA
Dear LouLou's
Thank you for loaning me Hazel!  I'll soon return her to her rightful place on the shelf in your lovely restaurant.  However, we have a dilemma...  One of my friends would like to take her to Central America for some volunteer work, in August.  I would like to take her on my next trip, which is a Mediterranean cruise (Spain, France, Italy, Croatia), which is also in August. Which do you think she would prefer? Volunteer work or rest and relaxation?  Perhaps you could put this to a vote with your staff and customers? ;-)
Hazel, a collectible Salt & Pepper Shaker
from Lou Lou's Griddle in the Middle Restaurant, Monterey, CA

Hazel from the back
Hazel from the side
Hazel from the other side
Does she have a bad side?

Hazel Approves of My Healthy Breakfast of Oatmeal
Leaving for Spain, San Francisco Airport, 4/27/11
Hazel on the Balcony of my Hotel Room in Madrid
Hazel on the Balcony in Madrid
Hazel with the Galgos at Scooby Medina's Rescue Facility
Medina del Campo, ES
The Galgos Love Hazel, as She Helped to Clean their Pens
Hazel Loves Basking in the Spanish Sunshine, as do the Galgos
These Lovely Dogs Almost Knocked Over the Lovely Hazel, so I had to Move Her Away :-(
The Galgos are Most Curious about Hazel. Is she edible?
Even with SPF20, Hazel Got a Bit Sunburned on this Beautiful Day in Spain
My Adopted Galgo, Bless, does her best Downward Facing Dog Yoga Pose while Hazel Oversees
It's Our Last Evening in Spain

You can read more about our journey home to California in this blog. Met a travel mate, who sat next to me on the plane. He brought a sock monkey that was his good luck charm on his trip from England to California. You see, it's becoming quite chic to take some sort of fun object on your travels to share in the adventure, take photos of, and to join in the fun! ;-)

More to follow.
Thank you for reading my blog!

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Hasta Luego!

My Adopted Galgo, Bless
Sweetly Sleeping in her new Home

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  1. I love reading the story, as a huge animal lover it warms my heart. Your good luck charm cracks me up totally. My niece takes a virgin mary staue all over and has pictures of it. I love it!
    I am thrilled for your newest memeber of the family ... I bet she is even more thrilled to be spoiled by you.