Wednesday, July 27, 2011

7/24/11: My Travel Companion, Hazel, Returns Home to Monterey

Hazel Returns to Her Home at LouLou's in Monterey
She's proudly displayed next to her beau, on the top shelf,
between the Caswell's Coffee tin and Premium Saltine box
On Sunday, 7/24, with heavy hearts, we returned Hazel to her home at LouLou's Griddle In the Middle, at the Monterey, CA, Wharf.  The staff cheered upon her arrival, and she was placed back in her spot by her beau, the Chef, and next to the antique Saltine box on the top shelf in the restaurant.  It was a perfect day at the Coast, sunny and warm.  The Manager complimented me on my blog (this blog), served us a delicious lunch, and even gave us a complimentary round of drinks, on Hazel.
Lunch at LouLou's
At Our Table: Hazel's Collectible Mates,
the Outhouse (Salt Shaker) and Seagull (Pepper Shaker) :-)

I Miss Hazel...
I know it's silly, but I miss her! I've had Hazel for the past four months, and she traveled all the way to Spain with me to volunteer and bring back my Galgo, Bless. Of course, I know that she's an inanimate object, but when she was with me, I still had that sense that I wasn't alone on my travels, and that I had a companion (of sorts).

Hoping to take Hazel along on another adventure in the future.  Thank you for loaning her to me, LouLou's!

More to come about Bless and her new life in California.

Hasta Luego!

Please support Scooby! We need a source of regular food for the dogs in Spain, so if you know of a company that would help, please let me know. Muchas Gracias!

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