Friday, April 15, 2011

My Travel Partner & Good Luck Charm, Hazel

Hazel Goes to Spain!

Hazel (front)
Hazel (back)
This is kind of silly, yet fun.  Last weekend, we were in Monterey, and there is this really cool cafe on the wharf, with fantastic fresh gourmet food,  Lou Lou's Griddle in the Middle. We ate there for breakfast and lunch, and the food was superb, as always.

A few years ago, my sister, Mary and I had eaten there for breakfast, and we heard the wait staff talking about how one of their many fun and interesting collectible salt and pepper shakers had traveled the world.  Both the staff and customers have taken one particular ceramic shaker to many different places around the world, her name is Hazel. Of course, I was intrigued and it stuck with me.

This past weekend, on a whim, I asked the manager about Hazel when we had breakfast. I told her that I was going to Spain to volunteer at Scooby Medina, and she was very excited to think that I would consider taking Hazel along on the trip. :-)  So I gave her my contact info, she gave me Hazel, and everyone in the restaurant cheered and wished me well on my trip to Spain. Hazel will be traveling with me and I will, as suggested by one of the staff, take her in my back pack, in a sock.  She will have many photo opps in many locations, so stay tuned.

Hazel is going to Spain and she will be helping at Scooby Medina!:-)

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Hasta Luego!


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  1. Ok, so let me know how Hazel does. If she's really as travel-compatible as we've heard, I am going to request she accompany me to Guatemala in August!!!

    So fun hearing the Hazel story today, Margie!

    Vaya con Dios, and buen viaje a ti y Hazel :-)