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Scooby Mornings, November 2012 Visit

Hugging a Beautiful Puppy During the Morning Work at Scooby
My November visit was a total of nine days, but I lost two days because of the trip from California to Spain and the return. So much to tell about those seven days that I spent at Scooby.  I told you about Day 1 in my last post, and will continue sharing my trip by mornings, afternoons, evenings and special features (like the transport to France). 

When I awoke that first Scooby morning, it was warm and cozy in the dormitory building, thanks to the two heaters that Melissa Beamish had arranged for me ahead of time.  I made delicious coffee and a quick breakfast each day.  While I was getting dressed and ready for work, called my husband, Darrell, who was just getting ready for bed (nine hour time difference).  Put on my day's comfy work clothes, including a gortex jacket and pants that I purchased prior to the trip, along with a nice pair of rubber boots that I bought at the flea market for a few dollars.  Everything was put to good use along the way, so I was happy that I had thought carefully about what to bring, along with help from Darrell. 
Found My Gortex Coat & Pants and Rubber Boots to be Perfect for the Work
These are Two Beautiful Galgos Ready for the Transport to France, 11/16/12

Went out each morning and looked for Melissa to see what we would work on that day.  Our first chores were always to take care of the cats, kittens and puppies in the front kennel areas.  Melissa would usually take the two larger cat pens, a quarantine cat pen, the rabbit and bird pen, and the raccoon pen, and I would usually take one of the cat and kitten pens, and the two puppy pens. 
Melissa Beamish has a Backpack Cat
Took Care of the Cats Every Day

I fell in love with the animals in these kennels. There were two litters of puppies. One had four galgo mix puppies who were so very friendly and playful. Apparently they were terrified when first dropped at Scooby, but are now social butterflies.  The other litter of six podenco mix puppies were with their very excellent Momma.  They were younger and all very friendly and loving as well. Mom had been abused and was very shy, but began to trust over time.  What a greeting we received each day! I felt so loved. :-) Oh boy, can they eat! 
Galgo Mix Puppies Loved to Play - Shortie on the Right
 Podenco Mix Puppies and Their Excellent Momma

I had never spent time with the Scooby cats and other animals in the front pens.  It was very pleasant, and I enjoyed getting to know the cats, kittens, puppies, raccoons, and birds. 

The cats take a lot of time to care for, as you must clean and feed each one in their individual cage.  Melissa had a good routine for cleaning, and I followed suit and helped so we could finish more quickly and move along to take care of the other animals.  Most were so longing to be loved and have attention.  A few of the kitties would jump on your back and crawl up to your neck to nestle in and purr. Two of the black kittens would each crawl up one leg to your neck to perch and purr on your shoulders like lovely cat birds. 
Cat Bird Kitten Perched on My Shoulder - So Small but So Much Personality!
The rabbit is so friendly. He lives with a couple of female pheasants (at least I think they are) and a bunch of pigeons have taken to roost in his building as well.  There are three raccoons, and two of them are pretty social, while the other is reclusive in his den.  They are fun to watch with their interesting antics.
Raccoon Enjoys a Good Meal
On my first work day, two special things happened: the first was that two very special volunteers, Lara Montagna and Luca Casati, who are both animal rescue advocates, were there from Switzerland and Italy to select dogs for adoption and had been there for a couple of days prior to my arrival. We worked with them and got to know them as friends. The second is that a sweet puppy, now named "Shortie" arrived at Scooby.

Shortie was found wondering around Medina del Campo and someone called Fermin Perez to ask him to pick her up. So Shortie arrived the same day that I did. It all came together, and Lara fell in love with her the first day and decided to adopt her.  She now lives happily with Lara and is featured each day in a lovely Facebook posting.

Shortie is Such a Sweet Girl and Now Lives Happily with Lara in Switzerland
Everybody Loves Shortie!
Lara interviewed me and Melissa for a Swiss radio station/podcast, and Luca is a first-class photographer, who took photos of the dogs and created a very special calendar. Funds raised from his calendar, "II Calendario 2013 "Caras de Galgos" will go to help rescue more galgos.  His photography is beautiful and truly captures the reality of each subject and situation.
Lara Montagna, Switzerland, Choosing Dogs to be Re-homed in Italy
She was romping with the dogs. She's an angel!

Melissa Beamish and Luca Casati Visit Scooby Matriarch, Miratu
Melissa and I worked so well together.  I would ask her what needed to be done, and we would clean the kennels and buildings, feed the cats and others, hugging and talking with them as much as we could.  We'd normally finish around Noon or 1:00 p.m. and then have lunch.

Scooby sunrises were unbelievable. It's the best feeling in the World to wake up, know that an adventure is going to unfold, and that you are going to do good work that will make a difference for so many needy animals.The weather was so lovely. The skies were gorgeous and most days, the temps rose to about 60 degrees or more.  No rain, except one evening while I was there, and a few very light showers on two of the days.  It was cold at night once the sun went down, around 40 degrees, so you had to bundle up.
The Most Beautiful Skies!
Scooby mornings... Yes, I yearn to return to have more soon. So glad that I had the chance to go back and spend this time helping the animals and working with Melissa. It was so very special!

Next up... Scooby afternoons. Stay tuned!

Hasta Luego! Thank you for reading my blog! More to follow. Bless sends her blessings.

Our gorgeous Galga, Bless!

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